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Consistency, Just for a month can turn you into an expert! Try it Yourself

What I learned about consistency and how it can help you 5X your revenue!

Consistency, Just for a month can turn you into an expert! Try it Yourself

Sunday April 26, 2020,

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“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, Its what we do consistently.”

Hello, I am pretty sure you might have heard the phrase Its a very famous quote by Tony Robbins.

I am 100% agree with that phrase as I have experienced this in my life.

I am a Graphic Designer at Enlightenbrains Media Works but I haven’t gone to any design school and I do not have any degree or done any course in design. So, How come I am working as a Graphic Designer?

Its just matter of being consistent at what you do! Wondering How? Let’s dive into my story first…

I don’t come from a corporate family, my father is a shop owner in a small city in India. I got full access to the internet in late 2017, I instantly got attracted to design due to some people in the Facebook network.

I started by making designs in PowerPoint, yes that software which was used by my classmates to make boring PPTs, I used to make quite impressive graphics using PNGs and Shapes.

But in Summer of 2018, in April I came to know about Adobe Illustrator. I saw a tutorial about shape builder tool and how it can be used to make logos. That tutorial just blew away my mind!

Even though I could not understand it fully, I just fell in love with it and downloaded it straightforwardly.

I played with it for a week and so and on May 1st 2018, I took up a challenge of creating minimal designs with words. A 30-day challenge and started posting it on a separate Instagram Account.

Here is a screenshot of that account, you can check account here


What I achieved after 30 days was amazing here is the list of the things that changed for me!

  • I got to increase my design revenue upto 5x: It sounds ridiculous but it was the truth before the challenge that is till April I was charging INR 500 for design. But after may I was charging INR 2500–5500 per design project I took. That was an insane result for being consistent.

  • I got better at presenting and discussing: While I was doing this challenge I don’t only learn about design but also about the business behind the design. I build up my presentation skills. I also developed a personality and way of talking so I can sound professional while discussing projects and money with people, that added and boosted my convincing power too.

  • I started getting opportunities: I got little opportunities by showing what I am doing on Instagram, Facebook and my Whatsapp Stories. I worked with amazing people and in turn learned more and more about real-life design scenario.

So, that’s all consistency can give you, but it ain’t simple. Being consistent is not an easy task as it seems. Here is a short story on this reference.

I hope you will get the point to bring consistency in your life. Thanks for reading, Keep Smiling :)

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