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Content Marketing: Acing the Game

Content Marketing: Acing the Game

Monday February 11, 2019,

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We are living in an era where content is emerging as the new king of marketing! Marketers do realize that in today's extremely competitive times, content is the game changer. We as a customer set have evolved and been quite explicit in expressing our non- tolerance and disinterest towards sleazy marketing gimmics. Given the changing dynamics, content marketing is the definite way forward to attract, retain and delight your customers.

Although there is no checklist but these pointers may add richness to your content and act as a catalyst to achieve your end objectives.


Your content needs to have a very high engagement value for the customer at different levels- emotional, spiritual, mental etc. It not only helps in catching customer attention but ensures a higher recall value for your brand. Bruised Passports through their engaging and captivating posts and pictures (across different social media platforms) lures our wanderlust.

Oreo India entered an already dominated biscuit market by initiating an engaging awareness campaign #DailyDunks with Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.


Creativity never goes out of style and is a sure eye- catcher. Zomato is a classic example of this. Known for it's creativity, their posts always create a buzz and keep the customers waiting for the next one. The way they incorporated Radhika Apte's 'omnipresence' in their campaigns left the audience in splits!


Amul tops the list here! They miss no opportunities to incorporate the topical stories and using strings of humour to establish product linkages. The girl mascot has indeed been their lucky mascot, being the only constant in all of their campaigns.

Socially driven

Thankfully, we are living in very socially aware times. Social causes are not just empathized but also invite sure shot reaction. Content which delivers a strong social message engages the customers and has a high resonance. Proctor and Gamble addressing gender strereotypes through their #ShareTheLoad campaign and Vogue addressing women empowerment through their #VogueEmpower and #StartWithTheBoys campaign are testimonials to the impact of socially driven content.


Given the plethora of media options, cross media content consistency is crucial. Customers today have multiple social media accounts and the average time spent by them on each also varies. Content should thus be consistently updated and synchronized across various media handles. Zomato even without a post-everyday rule on social media has still been getting attention on all platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blog.


Last but not the least, keep it simple!

Don't keep endlessly waiting to develop the perfect content. Your content should be simple for customers to follow and relate to. Avoid unnecessary jargons or complexity which can drift away your audience. Surf Excel with it's simple yet catchy tagline : Daag ache Hain has been ruling our hearts!

Content is the king of marketing and the perfect way to rule the heart of the king of your business i.e. Your Customer!