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How can your content writer empower people during this COVID-19 crisis?

Being a content writer is a responsibility, not a challenge. This is the time to give back to this world through your positive words.

How can your content writer empower people during this COVID-19 crisis?

Saturday March 28, 2020,

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The responsibility of a writer during crisis and struggles

Rabindranath tagore

The role of writers during crisis

The role of a writer in independence struggle or during times of oppression, economic downfall and riots is impeccable. A writer has the power to portray unheard struggles and sorrows faced by people through their effective words. From Rabindranath Tagore, whose enchanting short stories and poems brought a fresh wave of positive and liberal mindset in the conservative Bengali household of 1900s to the poems of Subramaniya Bharathiar which instilled the fire of independence struggle among Tamilians in 1940s, writers have played a varied role in improving the life of the people.

At present, this world is facing a strange crisis, which mankind has never faced so far. COVID-19 has brought everything to a standstill. It has proved to be a crisis which this world has never come across so far. The economy is going through a downward spiral and people are worried. We live in an uncertain world.

Content writers can create wonders

With the boom of internet in the 1990s, content writers took it as their own in 2010s to spread the message of brands and businesses to the targeted audience. Bloggers, copywriters, UI/UX writers and SEO writers joined the row. During this health and economic crisis, it might not be the right time for businesses to sell their products and services. But, this is the time we need to stand by the people to offer our support.

Yes, a content writer's words can empower people more than anything else at this time. How about starting a blog recording about your productive days in lockdown or sharing your success stories with your LinkedIn audience? Your content writer can help you with that!

How to let your content writers create rainbow through words?

Are you a business with a team of content writers? No, this might not be the best time to sell using their copy writing skills. But it is the right time to show your empathy and support towards your clients and audience with the aid of your content writers. Be it creating an infographics on the importance of hand wash or talking about the vitality of technology in containing the spread of Coronavirus, the writers can bring in proper awareness towards the society. Here is how you can stand by your clients with the support of your content writers:

Send educational email newsletters

Have you got any tips to share how small businesses affected by the crisis can start it over? Create email newsletters. There is a NYTimes article pointing out how corporate companies were bombarding people with their safety and regulation related mails. You need not add yourself to the list. Try to help people by sharing useful newsletters, thus educating them.

Keep blogging

This is not the suitable time for you to stop blogging. That time would never arrive! Encourage your content writer to keep blogging for your business about stuffs people can relate with at current times. Never hesitate to use humor. With the flooding of panic-striking messages on social media, your brand should try to appear calm, cheerful and empathetic. Don't add fuel to the fear of your folks. Have you got a meme on how Work from Home has taken over your team members routine? Share it on your blog.

Create video content

Visual content is the real winner in recent days. It might not be possible to record real-time videos with DSLR. Why not try your hands in creating simple animation videos? You can get it done through Adobe After effects. If that seems difficult, you can try creating videos using Animaker or interactive presentations using Biteable or Moovly. You can also find a number of free online templates that would simplify your task. Creating videos would also increase your brand presence. Just ask your content writer to create a script for the video. You are all done!

Be active on social media

Now the globe is online. You can create amazing content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also see how your engagement would be soaring high. At any point in time, you need to create quality content. The best content writer would give priority to quality over quantity. Especially during these times of crisis, it is important that you focus on a more empathetic brand voice and tone. Your content writer would be an expert with regards to this process. If you are on tight budget, leverage Canva and Piktochart to create banners, posters and infographics.

Write for your audience, not for traffic

Encourage your content writers to write for people, not for search engine. A click-bait title would do no good to your content marketing activities. Create empathetic content that adds value to your audience. All these would increase your audiences respect on your brand, which would last longer. Do you wish to offer tips to improve productivity during your work from home tenure? Go ahead! That would help a number of readers out there who are working from their home in recent days. Have you got a simple yet delicious mother's recipe which they can try at home? Share it! The world is waiting!

Stay authentic

With those numerous fake stories online, you might find it confusing to choose the right one. Hence ensure that your content writer chooses authentic sources to cite. Sources such as the official website of WHO, NYTimes, Washington post and Forbes would be suggestible. Check twice before adding any fact, especially when it is negative. Your brand should not be the cause of fear among people.

To conclude it...

Being a content writer is a huge challenge during these testing times. It is our writers community's responsibility to make sure that the right brand message reaches the people.