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When will this quarantine end?

When will this quarantine end?

Thursday May 14, 2020,

4 min Read

All the good things I could think about quarantine has come to an extinct, now the only thing I am procrastinating about is – When will this get over?

Relatable, right.

It’s quite ironic of how we all have always complained about not having enough time to spend with our families but now when we have the privilege to do so we are trying to escape from it. I know it seems dark but it is the truth. With every passing day, I am learning that it is in our nature to constantly demand change. Even the statics are quite evidently showing the divorcing rates, domestic violence and not to forget the mental illness records are at peak. Because being bound is not in our nature. This situation has just reversed the scene this world was working on.

This global pandemic has kept the world on hold and every human is at the risk indirectly or directly. Social distancing, Quarantine, Work From Home (WFH), Sanitation all these new practices have found their place into our daily lives. Hard to understand even harder to deal with, these practices are the reason we are surviving now. 


People are finally having a heart to heart conversations with their loved ones, they are cooking meals, dancing, doing yoga, singing, playing, and whatnot. The internet flooded with videos of families rejoicing. Humanity has been restored and tested at these times and we as humans are doing quite well. People are more focused on personal health, cleaning their homes, and practicing personal hygiene. On a personal level, people are discovering their long-lost interests and there is also an insane amount of boom on taking online courses.

National unity is what keeps all of us tied together. The government is trying hard enough to make ends meet.


For some, it is the best of the time of their lives but for the others it is getting harder day by day to survive. The ones who are away from their home, stuck somewhere are finding it hard to cope up with their daily chores also the ones who are not mentally strong are at the verge to break down.

How would you explain a person with autism that he can go out? You can’t and that is where we all are feeling hopeless and helpless. Not only the numbers are daunting to look at but the lack of awareness is also causing a lot of mishappenings.

As a student, I can’t even tell you how hard I am finding it to think of what my future holds for me.


In the past few months, I have spoiled myself from doing all the activities I wasn’t supposed to do like staying up late, contemplating, eating fast food, always staying irritated and it had adverse effects on my body and my physical as well as mental health. So I have changed my schedule and things are already getting better I am just keeping it all together till it gets over.


Be it good or bad we need to survive in this situation and hope for the best. These are the few things I have realized as an individual and I want to share it with you especially from the perspective of being a student.

·        Don’t panic

·        Get involved in some online course, internship or job 

·        Do household work

·        Sleep on time

·        Exercise

·        Inculcate a new hobby

·        Listen to music

·        Keep yourself hydrated

·        Talk to someone

·        Avoid unhealthy food