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Covid-19 Outbreak: Take your business to the next level with an on-demand app

Covid-19 Outbreak: Take your business to the next level with an on-demand app

Tuesday April 28, 2020,

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The world is under a complete lockdown ever since the Corona pandemic outbreak. There are thousands of new cases reported every day, and the death rate in all the affected countries is increasing. Doctors and other health experts are toiling hard to bring the situation under their control. Since there is no medicinal cure for it yet, they are finding it hard to help the infected people. Around 176 countries in the world are facing this crisis at present. People are advised to:

  1. Stay at their homes
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Work from their homes
  4. Wash their hands
  5. Avoid contact with people around them.

Therefore, people are terrified of stepping out of their houses even to buy the essential needs. So, many businesses have been facing a downtrend for a few weeks now, and it is uncertain as to how long this scenario will persist. 

Increased demand for essential services:

To help people buy the basic items they require, you can provide them food, grocery, medicine, and other product delivery via an app like GoJek. This will help people buy all their necessary items, and the transmission of the virus will reduce quickly. Also, the business owner will be able to manage multiple services easily. In this detailed article, let us have a look at the list of on-demand services that will help people during this outbreak season:

On-demand grocery delivery:

You can deliver groceries and other essential items via an online app to users around your region. Ensure certain safety measures such as contact-less delivery, advising executives to wash hands and use a sanitizer, and more. 

On-demand food delivery:

Another service that bachelors and senior citizens would require the most is the food delivery service. Most times, they are dependent on these apps for their food. So, you can hire delivery executives to serve user requests effectively. 

On-demand medicine delivery:

Elderly people and other people with certain medical conditions will have to take medicines on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, you can help them by delivering the necessary medicines at their doorstep. 

On-demand doctor’s service:

This is one of the major services that will be highly required during this pandemic season. Many people will be in need of doctor consultations as they cannot step out of their homes. They can fix up online appointments via your app and obtain instant medical care easily. 

A few facts on the on-demand market post the pandemic outbreak:

  • The US has reported that over 22.5 million users have started using food delivery apps at present. 
  • When compared to the year 2019, the year 2020 has seen a 9.8% increase in this sector due to the lockdown. 
  • On-demand video streaming services is another vital sector that has witnessed a 12.45 rise after the outbreak. 
  • The sales of toilet paper, sanitizers, and masks have also increased rapidly in the past few weeks. 

Key factors to increase the growth of your on-demand service:

There are a few crucial attributes that need to be taken care of in order to maintain consistent growth. They are specified below:

Creating awareness among users and delivery professionals:

Both users and the delivery executives should follow a set of instructions that will benefit and protect them from the deadly virus. They should be advised to use sanitizers at regular intervals. Any form of contact may lead to transmission, so it should be avoided. You can also provide the delivery executives with masks for their protection. Keep them updated on other sources of transmission and precautionary measures.  

Contactless delivery facility:

This feature can be included in the app to ensure users about their safety. They can avoid direct contact with delivery executives with the help of this facility. Users can request delivery professionals to deliver their orders in a particular spot outside their house. They can also upload photos of the destined spot to the app. Users can then call delivery agents and communicate properly to enable successful delivery.

Managing stocks efficiently:

In this outbreak season, the demand for groceries, food items, and other essentials will be higher than usual. So, you have to ensure that you have enough stocks to cater to the needs of your users. Maintain your supply chain regularly to never run out of stocks. Use the available resources properly. 

Summing it up:

In this outbreak season, you can launch all the aforementioned on-demand services with a GoJek clone app to help people with their essential needs. Choose a suitable app development company that will help you with developing an on-demand app in a short span of time. Include all the necessary features and launch the app on multiple platforms.