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Latest technologies save millions of lives

Latest technologies save millions of lives

Thursday April 26, 2018,

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People often consider UNICEF to be responsible for the needs of children since this organization has saved the countless youth. Specifically, it continues to prove itself in their quick response to Hurricane Irma. Along with U-Report, an SMS platform with image optimization, they delivered information and safety instructions efficiently to possible victims. Although it is merely a simple story, and it is quite wonderful.

Request for immediate action

During September 2, UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean offices were keeping in touch with the experts from the UNICEF's Global Innovation Center. The reason for this was to launch U-Report in the Caribbean and to promote it via Facebook, as a reaction to the update of Hurricane Irma's trajectory.

A convenient method of communication

The new communication platform, named U-Report, employs an SMS or texting technology that comes with image optimization, for convenient collection and spreading of crucial, life-saving information for the youth. Furthermore, the application acts as a mean for them to voice out their troubles and request for help. Thus, U-Report truly counts as a revolutionary innovation for the welfare of the people.

In the past, U-Report was used to prevent the spread of the lethal Ebola virus in Liberia back in 2014. With the application, UNICEF and allied institutions can send out polls to identify issues that people experience and share with them any available life-saving information and instructions.

The sole source of information

Among the 10.5 million children living in the countries that are about to face Hurricane Irma, about half of them stated that U-Report was the sole source of information and safety advice available. While the storm passes, UNICEF continues to utilize the platform to gather information about the locations of youth in need of help. After that, UNICEF may start employing responses catered to the needs of the affected.

Incoming supplies from Copenhagen

In response to the needy, UNICEF's Supplies Division located in Copenhagen begins to act. With the world's largest warehouse, they are capable of providing humanitarian assistance to the victims. Now, they have started supplies packing and loading into planes.

Hope will never die out

With their SMS platform, U-Report, UNICEF managed to respond quickly to the upcoming disaster, while granting the youth a mean of communication and a source of information. Thanks to U-Report, with its texting technology and image optimization, safety instructions quickly spread among the ten and a half millions of youth who were about to face the hurricane, saving countless lives. Now, UNICEF sends food supplies and other relief goods to the victims. Overall, hope will not die out as long as people remain proactive in helping others.