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10 amazing tips on becoming explorer traveler

10 amazing tips on becoming explorer traveler

Tuesday August 21, 2018,

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Exploring is one of the most adventurous and fun part of traveling around the world. Without traveling around the world you don’t get to explore those little nuances of life and love which is quite necessary when it comes to creating something of a phenomenal life.

So, is it that being an explorer is what it takes to travel and create some really relishing memories and fruitful experiences in your life?

1. Always Be Looking

It is very important to be always looking for opportunities for traveling around. And not just that it is also quite significant to be always looking for things around you. That is what essentially will make all the difference.

2. Consider Everything Alive And Animate

It is also very important to be alive and animate when it comes to traveling and creating some unforgettably cherishing memories with you. Never forget that being alive is a gift which mother-nature has endowed upon us and that is what essentially matters in all its sense.

3. Everything Is Interesting

If you travel with a perspective of “everything is interesting” then your travel journey will be absolutely joyful and happening. Why so? Because when you see everything with a certain curiosity then you automatically get a rush of happiness within you.

4. Alter You Course Often

Alter your course often. Why? Because it will help you in knowing many new things and getting fresh perspectives about a lot of things which you will find to be interesting and simply awesome!

5. Notice Patterns

Things get interesting when you start noticing certain kind of patterns while traveling which can be a cloud formation or maybe it can be a pattern lying hidden in the trees. It is a little thing but anyhow can make a positive impact on your happiness and mindfulness.

6. Document

Documentation is the kind of thing which is very important no matter where you travel. So, it would be great if you are mindful enough to carry all your important documentation stuff like passports, visas with you and keep them safe.

7. Incorporate Indeterminacy

The earlier you understand the concept of indeterminacy in the light of uncertainty the better. You have got to understand that life, happiness and just about any other material or psychological thing is uncertain and short-lived in nature.

And to embrace that quality of life somewhat makes you stand apart from other people.

8. Observe Movement. The Now.

You must have heard the term or the phrase “to live in the now” that is to observe the present moment as it is. By doing so, you would be diving in an altogether different dimension of traveling.

9. Observe The Stories Going On Around You

If you are traveling around the world or even are visiting a hill station then, the best thing what you can do and which is also very interesting is to notice the stories going on around you.


It may be watching and observing a child or maybe even seeing the river flowing by or it can be something like the rays of the sun. Fundamentally everything and anything which gets your attention and which is worth contemplating upon!

10. At The End Travel Is Happiness

Happiness is something which is out and out evasive. However, traveling can help you catch that happiness, even if for some transient seconds. Because in the end happiness is what we all live for and what we aspire for.