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10 inexpensive countries to live in abroad

There are many times students feel moving to countries that are expensive will give them the highs of life when the reality is completely different.

There are many times students feel moving to countries that are expensive will give them the highs of life when the reality is completely different. This is because they often chase dreams and dollars. However after few years living in a concrete jungle gets to them and they feel like rethinking. Thus the list below will help you find opportunities in countries that are inexpensive and provide as many opportunities. Read on.

1. Nepal

Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to live in abroad  and is also the hub of eastern spirituality and cultural diversity. After finishing school one can potentially utilize their gap years for resolving any existential crisis. The monthly bills for rent and internet are the cheapest.

2. India

India is also one of the cheapest countries to Live in Abroad and is also homes to one of the ancient civilizations. It houses one of the seven wonders and is also the place where chess was invented. This country is best for students seeking knowledge in religion and eastern history.

3. Nicaragua

This country is one the largest countries in Central America. It costs less than ten dollars for public transportation. The lifestyle can easily be upgraded if one moves to the place. One, in fact, saves more than splurging. All the services including maids can be enjoyed at a pocket-friendly price.

4. Albania

This country of Albania is meant for students who wish to have an adventurous lifestyle. It has a lot to offer both in the history and culinary departments. A student can have a very a unique life in this country as it toughens up individuals.

5. Malaysia

With a little price tag, one can easily spend quality life in Malaysia. There are shopping malls, centers and bowling alleys where one can easily spend the saved cash. One will also enjoy the worldly pleasures of apartments and many other facilities.

6. Belize

Belize neighbours Mexico and Guatemala. It is one of the best options for folks who would give snow boots and knitted sweaters a miss and a backseat. This is because this place offers temperature that is above eighty degrees Fahrenheit all the year round. The utilities such as living and rent are very cheap and offer pretty situations. Even if one has two coins to spare one can easily spend a great lifestyle here.

7. Vietnam

Students who want to fulfil their gastronomic pleasures can always consider Vietnam. It is the country that has an abundance of food that costs less than six dollars and local food. Anyone will not have to provide tips at restaurants, and thus they can always choose to eat at restaurants.

8. Thailand

This country is one the best choices for individuals who are looking forward to a relocation. There are some greatest festivities that one can take part in. It is also a perfect place for the ones who are fashion conscious.

9. Guatemala

This place is the birth place of denim. This place has the most cultural significance. The expenses for monthly transportations are less, and it never gets better than this.

10. Panama

This country provides the best view of both the Atlantic and the Pacific and must be part of anybody’s travel list. It houses the tropical rainforests and touring the place is a fantastic idea.

A great spirit

One certainly has to be mindful of all kinds of language barriers yet can have a gala time with different cultures outside of one’s own countries. This itinerary stated above shall be a pleasure for the adventurously and nomadically beautiful souls.


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