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Some basic do’s and don’ts for your social media presence

Some basic do’s and don’ts for your social media presence

Thursday April 13, 2017,

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(Building a social media presence)

(Building a social media presence)

Have you ever come across a website that is too confusing? Or did you ever visit a social media page of a brand which only focuses on boosting itself? Well, we all have gone through such websites or social media pages many times which fail to attract customers or viewers and lacks some qualities in impressing its visitors. Let’s have a look on the do’s and don’ts for your social media and web presence-


Know your customers well:

Your social media pages or websites is not your personal diary. Your customers primarily look for the service you provide and have no interest in your personal stories. They care about how they can be benefited. Focus on posting stories that have resemblance with your brand or company. Moreover, most of the contents of your website or social media page must be service specific.

Keep a track of your checklist:

Keeping a track of checklists is applicable in many aspects of our life. It enables to avoid any inconvenience n whatever task we are performing. In the case of social media having a checklist is a must to avoid any error. For example, checking the contents, grammar, crosschecking if the links are valid, timely responding to your customers and monitoring each tweet and posts all these facets should be taken care of.

Active presence:

When you are in the web world, you cannot afford to be inactive. Just having a social media page cannot promote your brand in any way. Active participation is the thrust. You should focus on sharing information, responding to your customers in time, uploading posts etc. All these can convey the message of your sincerity to your customers.

Choosing the perfect social media platform:

It is true that social media is a very good platform for promotion and boosting business but not all platforms can cater the needs of your business. For instance, Facebook can be a very good forum for publicity whereas YouTube and Google+ can be very helpful to improve your search engine optimization (SEO)


Don’t be too active:

Being active in social media is a very effective aspect. But overdoing it can seem irritating to your customers. This may result in two things- your valuable client in your friend list can block you, people may stop sharing your posts.

Don’t overlook privacy settings:

Hacking is a very common issue in the digital environment. Keeping your social media account safe should be your prime concern. The easiest way of hacking begins with a password. Therefore, be thoughtful before deciding your password.

Handle comments with care:

Comments are the source to get connected with the customers. No company’s websites or social media pages are always rewarded with good comments. Sometimes your customer may post some negative comments, but it doesn’t mean that you will delete it from your page. Rather acknowledging these comments can always take your company to next level.

Smart application of these smart techniques can definitely boost the popularity of your social media pages. Different social media marketing firms and website designing agency in Mumbai provide services to handle social marketing pages and also create official websites for concerned companies. It is always a better option to hire professionals because they are truly the best bang for your bucks.