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Story of Lama Shantam from the Himalayas


Friday June 08, 2018,

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#Lama Shantam: Happiness has a formula. And if practiced diligently, anyone and everyone can find the birthplace of happiness. The formula is:

Happiness = Stop Adoring yourself + Start Adoring Others.

It is very simple. We are unhappy because we are totally self-possessed. Our entire life is around me, me, and me. We are only concerned about making our lives better and finding happiness for ourselves.

However, when we adore others, we forget about ourselves. When the goal of our life is to help others find happiness, we find our happiness without any struggle. We find happiness because we are not attached to our happiness— it comes as a residue for helping others.

This technique is a therapy for the mind, it cleanses the heart, and nourishes the soul. But remember, do it with a pure intention.

#KumarAnu: But if I am only thinking of others, how will I fulfill my passions, my dreams, and my purpose? These are the pillars of my happiness.

If anything you do, is an act to serve others, it will clarify your mental delusions about happiness. Your passions, your dreams, and your purpose will lose the sense of "Me" when they are directed towards serving others.

This therapy will dissolve the attachment to your self-adoring mind and will bring permanent happiness to you. 

Story of Lama Shantam from the Himalayas. (Photo Source:Pixabay0

Story of Lama Shantam from the Himalayas. (Photo Source:Pixabay0