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Things to consider before going for knee and shoulder surgery

If you don’t know why you need surgery for knee or shoulder injuries, or want to find more options to avoid surgery, then, it is important to get second medical opinion before making any decision about your medical condition. 

Tuesday June 20, 2017,

3 min Read

When it comes to knee and shoulder surgery, it is observed that people avoid to get a second medical opinion. They may feel uncomfortable with questioning the authority or expertise of their doctor, or they may have a fear that they will get bad care if they show any doubt on the doctors. However, getting a second opinion on your medical condition helps you to make informed and reliable decision.

Many people use telehealth services for seeking medical opinion as it is the most convenient way to get medical advice. In this system, they need not to visit a doctor personally. Advanced telecommunication system helps them to consult with doctor via webcam, voice or phone. This enables people to acquire medical health without leaving their home. This ultimately saves their time, money and energy.

When should you get a second opinion in the cases of knee & shoulder injuries?

In the case of complicated injuries, many people feel more comfortable to get a second medical opinion. This helps them to find other treatment options. In some cases, patients do not understand the treatment plan suggested by their doctor. Consulting through online patient portal helps you to understand all the treatment procedure by getting answered a number of questions.

Reasons for getting a second medical opinion include:

If you feel that without exploring non-surgical treatments your doctor is recommending a surgery.

If doctor suggests you open surgery in spite of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery

If you feel that your doctor are not explaining the logic of the surgery or how it will benefit to you.

If a patient who has already had surgery, the surgery did not work and the doctor recommended additional surgery

You have a doubt about the diagnosis of the surgeon

With the help of advanced telehealth solutions, online patient portal KOOLMD has designed telehealth program in which they offer medical advice on different medical conditions. According to the professionals from KOOLMD, before consulting with the doctor via online portal make a list of questions which you want to discuss with specialists.

If you have a concern about the suggested surgery, if you don’t know why you need surgery and don’t know about your injury, or want to find more options to avoid surgery, take an online appointment as per your convenience and get ready at the given time. Apart from clearing all doubts, also ask surgeon about their experience with specific lesions, such as surgical and non-surgical treatments commonly recommended and expected results.