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The most influential Mobility Trends to look out for in 2018

In the age of Mobility, digital trends ought to reinvent and make routine processes easier. As the consumer of today is all ok with the dependency over the handheld devices, Mobility has a plethora of innovations to go through and actualizing amazing experiences for the end user.

The most influential Mobility Trends to look out for in 2018

Tuesday October 10, 2017,

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With a promising 2017 so far, the market’s anticipation for 2018 is worth taking a note off. Here’s what to expect ahead.

More offices will adopt BYOD

Bring Your Own Device is steadily gaining adaptability in context of enterprises cutting down on hardware maintenance cost and offer flexible working hours to employees. As the number of Smartphone dependent workforce touches 2.5 million by 2018, businesses would plunge to capture the benefits.

Enterprise Mobility will gain trust of skeptical investor by pitching its competency in running real time business processes and that a whopping office operational cost can be negated upon by offering letting the employees carry their personal devices (though with security briefs). Processes such as Helpdesk Support, Recruitment, Customer feedback, Performance Analytics have already implemented BYOD across industrial cap.

The Internet of Things, Wearables and More

Solution Analysis have gained acceptance ever since innovations with the Internet of Things have become more relevant and impactful. While risk assessment gets more cohesive, Mobility takes a step ahead with connected wearable devices.

There’s more! Mobile e-commerce could benefit from displaying products that you are most likely to purchase. That’s derived from the data collected from your daily habits and preferences. This is a ground breaking technology that has and will make our lives more comfortable. It is entirely dependent on connected devices and Mobility is the star here too.

Focus on Functionality will be prioritized

Taking a leap beyond reincarnating the functionality from desktop to the mobile, the apps are now being unlatched to enhance end user experience and by making compact and responsive applications for mobiles. So be it internal operations monitoring or customer data analytics, apps are aimed to get easier in handling and that the major crunch of desktop dependency reduces. Again, everything going mobile will help cut down on hardware maintenance costs.

No less than a boon for the SME spectrum, apps simplifying data analytics will be a major stepping stone by 2018.

Streaming Instant apps may start dominating

The stupendous success of the Cloud still faces the wrath for not being the most secure solution. While the enterprises are forced towards Hybrid developments, Google’s Instant Apps could define the future of Mobility. Instant Apps launch instantly when clicked upon without the need to visit the app store and download. Eliminating that access time into quick streaming, Instant Apps could be a revolutionary move Google’s search results can be used to access the apps on the mobile, just like we access the websites directly and don’t download them.

More video content will be streamed

500 million people stream videos every day and the count is soaring exponentially. After Facebook confirmed daily video views jumping from 1 billion to 8 billion in 2017, Mobility is all set to attest an edge over others as the ad revenue from handheld streaming is all set to grow by 30%.

As the internet bandwidth takes a revolutionary up scaling all over the world, expect the advertising shift from text content to videos. Followed by a lineup of innovative features such as live videos, embedded videos in email newsletters, improved hardware inculcating bigger screens and better resolutions, there’s an exciting 2018 for Smartphone enthusiasts.

The demand for skilled developers will rise, again

Although the available app developer pool has stunned us with their innovations, there’s still a dearth of talent against the pitched demand. While it assures of an exponential work opportunity, enterprises on the front have a pressing challenge ahead to match up with market anticipations and thus resolve the graving talent crunch.

As a result, enterprises are focusing more on in house training programs that help the employees to unlatch newer technologies while the organization’s overall attrition rate comes down.

The enterprise apps of today go hands in gloves with the cloud services. While the latter has matured into critical problem resolving business applications, Mobility has and will encourage more processes migrating to cloud. Such affordable services have attracted the Small Medium Scale sector unlatch superlative services with hugely abbreviated costs. Such accelerated inclination for the Cloud promises more and more application going on mobile.

Location Based Services will become more prominent

A mobile app suggesting nearby cafes, clinics, institutions or any utility based on your current location has met with widespread utilization. While 2017 continues to upscale the services with more relevance, 2018 will take this forward with more and more services going mobile.

So, be pleasantly surprised when apps notify with nearby places or even the availability of a particular commodity. Thus, you’ll visit a specific grocery store only if it has your product available. More innovations on their way!

And finally, the importance of EMM will rise

No one has unlatched the potential of Mobility like enterprises have. Migrating in-house business processes to the handheld devices has enhanced communication, resolve issues, improvised decision making and thus fastened overall enterprise cycle. Security concerns are bound to fall prey with such dependency and this is where EMM software earn credibility.

Enterprise Mobile Management applications have matured towards higher degrees of protection against illegitimate access and data leaks. 2018 will see the market grow and acquire more specialization.

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