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Life skills training makes success E.A.S.I.E.R for 21st century kids

In the 21st century, awareness of life skills is essential to meet the everyday needs and demands of life. 

Life skills training makes success E.A.S.I.E.R for 21st century kids

Thursday April 27, 2017,

4 min Read

Possession of such vital knowledge is not only necessary for adults but should also be imparted to kids from an early age. While it provides kids the necessary tools to deal with life issues, these skills further empowers them to make well-informed decisions that have long-term implications.

In this modern day-and-age, commonly referred as ‘Conceptual Era’, there are a few life traits that deem absolute importance, especially for kids. Both parents and teachers must focus on imparting such critical life skill training to make success E.A.S.I.E.R for their 21st century kids.

E.A.S.I.E.R life skill training, developed by utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods can be elaborated as:

Emotional Wellness: Today, kids need to be taught to first identify and then overcome negative emotions (such as anxiety, sadness and anger) effectively. Further, children must also be guided to not let such damaging thoughts overpower them; rather have the access to handy life skills that allow them to positively deal with such ordinary situations.

Adaptability: Rejection and repudiation are a part-and-parcel of everyone’s life. Therefore, amidst our ever-evolving, fast-paced world, kids must learn how to navigate, adjust and adapt their skills according to the changing environment. Alongside textbook knowledge, this life skill wisdom is what actually helps kids deal with unexpected situations and emerge stronger than ever.

Social Leadership: As the world has grown more interconnected and interdependent, children must inculcate the ability to master diverse modes of communication, collaboration as well as public speaking. Effective teaching of such leadership skills enables kids to effortlessly achieve their life goals whilst emerging as young leaders of tomorrow.

Innovation: Generally, kids are curious by nature and rather than rebuffing them, guardians must encourage this tendency. It can be achieved by instilling kids with the right life skills that inspire them to apply curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Therefore, it is imperative that, from an early age, kids are taught the concepts of innovation and creativity which will always help them pave their path to success.

Ethics: All ingenious leaders have one common yet defining quality – a strong sense of ethics. So, to warranty success in the 21st century, kids must be facilitated in building a strong sense of character, identity, empathy and integrity. These qualities not only inculcate morals in kids but also aid them to make well-informed, conscientious decisions regarding their future.

Resiliency: Life has its own share of opportunities and obstacles. So, guardians must teach children to appreciate the highlights and learn from the challenges in life. Thus, kids must have access to life skills that teach them how to overcome obstacles, learn from past mistakes and bounce back with renewed strength.

Dramatic changes in global as well as local circumstances have shed light on the inability of most adults to effectively cope with trials and tribulations in life. This has further reinstated the need of imparting life skill training to kids from an early age. Therefore, parents must ensure that their young kids have easy access to life skill training and here are a few reasons stating why.

1. It helps kids develop self-confidence and provide tools to deal with significant life challenges, such as bullying and intolerance.

2. It gives children a voice at school, in their community and therefore, in the world.

3. It enables them to assert their rights and understand their responsibilities, while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of adulthood.

4. It helps kids develop positive attitude towards themselves and others.

5. It brings about meaningful interaction among learners, teachers and also the community.

Today, life skill training for kids is not just another trend, but the actual need of the hour. There is a pressing need to teach kids the essential tools of life that will assist them emerge as successful leaders and pioneers of the future. 

Dolphin POD is a World Class Learning Centre that provides fun, interactive and inspiring education; unlike any other institute/organization

Dolphin POD is a World Class Learning Centre that provides fun, interactive and inspiring education; unlike any other institute/organization