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Myth: Dwarfism is a physical disability!

Myth: Dwarfism is a physical disability!

Saturday September 02, 2017,

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Dwarfism as the word explains is a person with a “Short height” but does it anywhere says that he/she is incapable of anything a normal human being does?


Then why a dwarf is always looked as a special case in India? Why do people stare at them when they pass by? Why do people makes it difficult for them to survive?

This article would be an eye-opener for people who think being dwarf is a sin and should not exists in our society.

I have met a lot of dwarf people in life and the intellect I have come across after conversing with them is commendable. I would like to share a beautiful and a journey full of struggles of a dwarf girl.

So the story started about 28 years back when this girl was born, the doctors told her parents that they should plan their second child as the girl born doesn’t have a brain and would probably be a mentally retarded child. The entire family was in a trauma and tears, but a doctor thought of operating her and the child stayed in nursery with needles in her whole head. The girl started growing like any normal child does, but at the age of 3 her parents noticed that she used to keep her head tilted to one side. That’s when they figured out she has a problem of slipped disc and then she got operated for the same where her growth hormone was taken out. It was the biggest operation of that time which was telecasted in the news as well.

The girl could not grow more than 4 feet but the life she made for herself is beyond the height of any normal human being. She struggled for her height every day, be it when she got admitted in a renowned convent school or the college she got in.

Our society forced her to wear big heels and pants which could cover her heels. Always cautious about what people would think when she would go out. Those eyes staring at her used to give her nightmares. But her mother who has been her backbone always supported her and never pushed her back or stopped her from leading in her career. She kept growing with the confidence and support of her family and friends. But yes a little heart with a fear in her mind of her short height was still there.

As it is quoted “You grow with time”, she did.

Education and literacy can help you fight with such fears, she entered into her under grad where initially she was afraid of hanging out with new people whom she thought would make fun of her. But her achievements in her projects, her education in the field of psychology, her dissertations, thesis, Masters in human development and all the people she started meeting gave her a jerk that height or looks of person doesn’t matter. What does matter is, your intellect, education and how independent you can become and come out with beautiful colours in your career.

That alarming day she left wearing heels. The day when she realised she doesn’t need to wear heels to stand in this world. It would be her work and career heights which would matter her. She stopped caring about those judgemental people in life and just focused on her career.

Today she stands with her beautiful 7 years of work experience in the field of Human Development where she has met zillions of people which include professors from biggest universities, lawyers, mentors, psychologists who have appreciated her research papers and cases she has handled in her life. She has travelled almost the entire India, meeting her partners, presenting her work and serving the education domain of India. She now thinks marriage is not what easily would come her way, but she feels she is complete because of what she is now…Independent.

She has achieved more than she expected from herself and thought would when she thought of her height.

Today she is a counsellor, a psychologist, a dietician and a lead program officer in the education field.

And…she is my sister too. You are my idol.

Lastly, never stop yourself from growing. Your physical appearance can never be a deciding factor in achieving anything in life.

~~~ Height is not a physical thing, it is surely a mental growth. Chase that!

From a proud sister,

Tarishi Khanna

[email protected]


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