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Belief vs Faith

Believing is having faith or Having faith is believing...

Thursday September 15, 2016,

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Hmmm, this morning i was talking to my man and we were discussing how people focus only on the negative message rather than any positive. I was talking to my mom about this and even she does the same, people get attracted to negative messages faster compared to positive message,suddenly it hit my mind.

What is the difference between belief and faith?

Technically (as per google and thesaurus)

Beliefbɪˈliːf/ : noun

an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

Faith/feɪθ : noun

complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

My question is what does these two words mean to you?

Do you believe in yourself or do you have faith in yourself.

Our brain is the most complex thing and even today scientist are doing their best to understand our brain behaviour. Each of us are wired in a different way and that’s what makes us unique from the other person around.

Later in the evening i was watching Tony Robbins, Tedx video of 2006, and in that, he beautifully mentioned the 6 needs for human. I’ll take the first 2 and i.e., Certainty and Uncertainty. This gave me food for thought that even our brain react the same way with negative vs positive message and also w.r.t belief vs faith.

We as human find comfortable to be in comfortable position rather than in an uncomfortable position which will help you to become the person you want to be. Most of us might have heard this golden statement from our friends, family member or colleagues “I am like this”.

Which brings us to the connection wired in our brain. We have 6000 emotions within us or may be even more. On a average day this is how most of us would be, happy,happy, irritated, anger, frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed.

Which brings me to the point of belief and faith. Our mind believes good things are difficult to get or happen in our life and this is also because our programming from our childhood, incidents etc.

The harsh truth is we never believe and have faith in ourselves. We think we are ordinary, yet we pretend to be extra-ordinary and that’s fucking bullshit my friend. we are just bullshitting our mind with all these.

Take a moment and breath.

Ask yourself this question - Am I truly believing in myself?

You will get your answer. Life is not certain always and so is time. Time is the most beautiful thing we have and yet the most overwhelming factor of our life. Its ok to make mistakes in the path of your life.

As i was watching the comic series, Supergirl, this is most profound message I received and would like to give you this as a food for thought…

“There is not correct path is life. You will lose your way many times. What’s important is that you find your way back to the brave person you were. 

Be wise. Be strong and always be true to yourself.”

You are like a white board canvas, have the belief that you are extraordinary, have the faith in yourself, you are put on this earth to achieve greater things and to share love, compassion and happiness with everyone who crosses your way.

Believe in thyself. Carve your own life. Embrace your true inner self. 

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