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Sudhanshu Kumar Explains How Lockdown Was Great for Digital Agencies

Sudhanshu Kumar Explains How Lockdown Was Great for Digital Agencies

Sunday June 07, 2020,

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Sudhanshu Kumar

Coronavirus Lockdown has affected many businesses to a great extent. Many people had lost their jobs, many businesses productivity had declined. There’s nothing wrong is saying that major sectors such as Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Hospitality have badly affected by COVID 19. It’s all because of this deadly virus. 

However, essential services are functioning along with online businesses like digital marketing agencies, technology service providers, and marketing sectors. So, this lockdown seems beneficial for digital agencies! Due to lockdown, people were staying in their homes and this was the best time for digital agencies to attract large number of customers. 

The COVID 19 outbreak has forced world to remain inside their houses. This, in turn, has forced large number of people to invest most of their time in reading, streaming as well as consuming online content. According to research, it has been found that minute’s reader spent on news website has increased roughly by 46% as compared to previous years. 

  • The present calamity might interrupting few businesses; however, digital agencies are seeing positive results like never before.
  • Digital media, no doubt, is gaining users attention through video influencers, podcasts etc. 
  • Apps are seeing an increase in their revenue

In this article, Sudhanshu Kumar has explained how this lockdown situation was great for digital agencies in growing their business.

  • Rise of Online Communities

As everyone was forced to remain inside their houses, so anxiety meters were quite high. Due to this, many communities were trying to support lot of people. This, as a result, has strengthened presence of online communities. 

According to one report, Facebook had observed around 300 Coronavirus Support Groups. Majority of people are becoming part of numerous quarantine communities. Why? Since they help them remain healthy by providing much engagement through live chat as well as other communication means. 

  • OTT: The New Mainstream

Majority of OTT platforms also have observed a rise in its viewership. Do you know the regular active customers of Amazon Prime had increased by around 83%? Even, Netflix also observed a rise of around 102%?

For smaller as well as newer OTT players, it’s a great opportunity. Presently, in India, there are over 35 OTT players. In addition to this, viewing hours are changing too. 

Video streaming remains high in morning from 8:30 am-11:30 am which are actually the commute hours. Then, from 1:00pm-3:00pm! In evenings, there’s a rush between 6:00 pm and midnight said Roy the founder of Hungama. 

  • Zoom-The New Home for Influencers

In India, Zoomobserved a big rise in downloads since the starting of the COVID 19 lockdown. It’s also used by majority of people for office meetings, yoga classes, social gatherings as well as other recreational activities. Zoom app was installed in about 6 Mn smartphones in India and 80 Mn installations globally. 

Some others like WeChat Work, Microsoft Teams, Airmeet, Tencent Conference, BlueJeans also recorded much growth since beginning of lockdown in late February. 

  • Reading Goes Social, Digital 

Wattpad the online community connects about 70Mn readers as well as writers who regularly share their own creative stories observed spike in customer engagement. Now, if we talk about India, then Wattpad has observed a rise of 25% in customer activity which incorporates regular reading time, whereas writing session times got double during this lockdown. 

The platform also observes growth of around 50% in case of new users as well as 30% rise in reading time as well as events. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about how lockdown was great for digital agencies shared by him. During the lockdown, digital marketing, no doubt, was the ideal means to reach large number of people. Also, online presence of users was high during that time and still, it’s high because lockdown has not ended. Even, in some countries the rules of lockdown are quite strict, that is mandatory to follow. 

This pandemic had given a chance to brands for creating stronger bonds with users simply by interacting with them on a regular basis. In short, this Coronavirus lockdown has proved great for digital agencies and now after reading this guide you can recognize how.