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Tips to win customer loyalty

However, it is not always necessary to formulate big marketing strategies to win over your customer’s loyalty. 

Tips to win customer loyalty

Wednesday September 20, 2017,

3 min Read

Customer loyalty is definitely not something you should take for granted. Satisfied and loyal customers are vital for any business and it is for this simple reason that customer retention is at the helm of every marketing strategy adopted by any business. Here it is important to note that customer acquisition is 5-10 times costlier than customer retention.

However, it is not always necessary to formulate big marketing strategies to win over your customer’s loyalty. A few small gestures when coupled with good intent and perfect timing can surprisingly keep those clients coming back to your store so as to purchase the required stuff. Here we have tried to summarize a few ways to help you win customer loyalty-

Personalize your relationship - A dash of personal touch can surely work wonders. Don’t you love it when you receive a personalized or customized gift? It’s the same with your customers. The small gesture lets them know that you are ready to go that extra mile in strengthening your relationship them. So why not personalize the emails, the offers that you have for them? This will truly help in building their trust towards your store and your brand.

Never compromise on quality - If great offers on price are not a guarantee of customer satisfaction, great quality sure is! Nothing is quite comparable to the feeling your customers get when they know that the product they have bought is the best that is available in the market.

A perfect example is the Apple fans. A highly popular report from 2011 showed that Apple products stimulated the parts of their fan’s brains that are normally associated with religion.

So even if you think your product is the best in the market, keep finding ways to make it better. Impeccable quality when clubbed with good offers defines success in a way nothing else can.

Make your customers popular- Who doesn’t like being in the spotlight, being famous? We all do and so do your customers! Feature your customers in your content – blogs, Facebook page, website and let them know how much you value them. Reciprocating their loyalty will reinforce your customer’s trust in you and your brand will become their priority.

Surprise your fans with random offers or upgrades – It feels absolutely amazing to receive more than what we expected. Why not surprise your customers by giving them an extra discount on something that has been on their wish-list since long? Or that unexpected upgrade on a travel deal they just booked! Rest assured that you will be the first thing on their mind whenever they hunt for similar product or service in future.

Let them know their opinion matters – Constant improvement of your product and services is the key to customer satisfaction which leads to brand loyalty. Never shy away from getting reviews, feedbacks, and suggestions from your customers. They are your most reliable information source in order to bring about any changes in your product or services. You can very well take the help of consumer polls through your blogs, social media accounts, and even emails. It’s a good idea to offer them some kind of incentive to participate in the poll. This will bring about a significant increase in the number of participants.

Gaining the loyalty of your customers goes a long way in paving the path of success for your business  as customer retention is the only meaningful way to support long-term growth. Just be innovative in your approach to finding new ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers and you will end up being indispensable and irreplaceable for sure.

customer loyalty

customer loyalty