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5 books anyone aspiring to build a start-up in India must read

Learn from Their Mistakes, Get Inspired by their Success

5 books anyone aspiring to build a start-up in India must read

Tuesday August 29, 2017,

3 min Read

For any start-up to turn into a giant conglomerate of business, entrepreneurs must be dedicated to a concomitant learning process. Although time is usually a constraint for start-up owners, a willingness to read such books and imbibe their knowledge, not only directs the entrepreneurs with proper guidance but also expands their mind to better ideas and implementations. Reading and learning through books hence takes the form of a vital requisite, so as to save both time and resources.


Talking especially of the Indian market scenario, an entrepreneur needs insights and niche knowledge to succeed indigenously. Therefore here are 7 best books by Indian authors that any entrepreneur with the desire to raise a start-up in India, must definitely read.

1. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company

By Varun Agarwal


One of the best books for start ups in India, this book takes you swerving through the journey of the author from being a hapless youngster with no ambition to becoming a tycoon running a company worth millions. Taking inspiration from an unsuspecting household help, Anu Aunty, Agarwal interestingly finds his calling in the business world. Making for an unusual read, the book is written with an amusing twist of hilarity that makes it so worthwhile.

You can buy this book from here

2. Vyapar Shastra

By Vishal Shivhare


Vyapar Shastra is the new kid on the block that could easily be considered the Bible for entrepreneurs looking for a break in the Indian market. Reciting the ancient practices of Indian vyaparis or merchants, selling silk in a local bazaar or South Indian traders exporting tea or coffee beans overseas, the book depicts the brilliance of businesses in India as seen over the years. It also keenly showcases the changing scenario of business in the local market, through the portrayal of present day business models. The fresh and knowledgeable narration by Shivhare makes for a thoroughly interesting read.

You can buy this book from here

3. Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons for the Young Professional

By Subroto Bagchi


If ever thoughts like lack of opportunities or a small home town crosses your mind and discourages you from realizing your dream, this is the precise book to go to. The book tells the story of the young and poverty stricken author from rural Odisha, who rose to become the owner of a billion dollar company despite the hardships. The simple life lessons in the book are highly motivational for not just entrepreneurs but for anyone with the aspiration to achieve something in life.

You can buy this book from here.

4. Connect the Dots

By Rashmi Bansal


Connect the Dots is a truly inspiring book for anyone who has a desire to make it big in business. The book recites many exciting real life stories of people who have succeeded as entrepreneurs but did not possess any management degree. Motivating and inspiring, the book gives you numerous proofs that a business doesn’t necessarily need any management school certificate but an idea, an ability to dream and a lot of conviction to make a mark.

You can buy this book from here

5. Start-Up Sutra

By Rohit Prasad


Start-Ups have for good or for the bad have become a sensation in the present Indian scenario. While a few see tremendous success, over half of these new businesses may fail miserably. Addressing these intricacies of the start up culture and what it needs to make a business etch, Rohit Prasad tries to cover everything from how it affects your life to its pros and cons, through anecdotes of entrepreneurs. 

You can buy this book from here