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11 travel blogs or bloggers you need to follow

Are you looking for some travel stories to kickstart your plan for your next adventure? Or are you just trying to gain some inspiration to start your own travel blog? These picture-perfect blogs are sure to fill you with some serious wanderlust vibes. Read their stories as they go cherishing places and people all over the world.

11 travel blogs or bloggers you need to follow

Wednesday June 06, 2018,

3 min Read


Read on to find out about some of the best travel blogs on the internet right now:

1. Bruised Passports

“Wheres and Wears”, it is a travel and fashion blog started by a couple, Savi and Vid. They both are travel enthusiasts, who have travelled to over 80 countries in last 12 years and by this blog they are helping travellers to decide where to go and what to wear.

2. Classe Touriste

Photographer David De Vleeschauwer and travel writer Debbie Pappyn have been travelling for last 2 decades and with this blog they want to share their best travel experiences, favorite places and some secret spots around the globe. Check out this blog, if you and your travel buddy are looking for some adventure on your trip.

3. XOXO Tours

A company blog of a social networking platform for travellers, this web app will rescue you from pain of travelling solo. It helps you connect with like-minded travellers and plan your next adventure with them. Go through the rich collection of articles on their blog for some much needed travel tips before you start planning for your next vacation. We recommend you signup & find a travel buddy now, it’s free!

4. Hey Nadine

This is a blog by Nadine Sykora, who is a travel vlogger sharing her travel experiences and expertise. She has travelled to over 49 countries over the last 7 years and a must follow for every traveller. You may subscribe her channel on youtube.

5. Wandering Earl

A travel blog Derek Earl who is a full time traveller and has visited over 88+ countries in last 16 years. By this blog he wants to share his travel experiences and prove that full time or long term travel is possible. It is a realistic lifestyle option that anyone can opt for.

6. Migrationology

A travel and food blog by Mark Wiens for people who travel for food. You can learn about authentic local food of any place around the world from him which you can enjoy with your travel friend.

7. Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones, an American who left a career in nursing 5 years ago to live on the beaches in Goa, started this blog which focuses on off-beat and glamorous travel. Follow this blog to stay in budget on a travel date.

8. Culinary Backstreets

A must follow travel blog for food lovers. Their travel stories revolve around traditional and family-run restaurants. Check out their stories to find those overlooked culinary gems of a place.

9. A Hotel Life

If you’re one of those travelers who prefer luxury travel, this blog has got you covered. A blog by Ben Pundole, Founder and Editor in Chief, who has experience of 20 years in hotel business. Follow it to learn about the best luxury hotels around the globe.

10. My Yellow Plate

This bright yellow blog is just right for travel and food zealots. From street foods to posh diners, MYP explores all. Check the ‘MYP Loves’ for their personal recommendations of restaurants worth dying for.

11. A Luxury Travel Blog

Every traveller who loves luxury travel must follow this blog. Find the most luxurious hotels and resort to spending quality time with your travel date.

So just follow these blogs to explore the world better. ✈️