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Student Entrepreneurship: The Need For #Discipline

Dropping out is a new cool and isn't it a cake walk. Ain't freedom comes from bit of a responsibility & discipline...

Student Entrepreneurship: The Need For #Discipline

Monday August 29, 2016,

3 min Read

“You don’t have to study business to be a successful entrepreneur, it can all start at university”- Graham Cooper

Young people believe they will be their own BOSS within the next five years, with many claiming that they have started to work on their business ideas or are thinking of starting a business out of that Sharma Aunty's Garage.

Are you also among the bunch of crazy people who are till studying in the university & want to have your own STARTUP ? You think that your business idea is so great that you are going to be the next millionaire but you have just no idea as to where to START?

Well, let me try to help you in this case & try to give you a solution. Often, while starting from the scratch without a mentor who has a great business sense needs a lot of courage & when you have gathered the courage to do so & made up your mind then NEVER look back. You might not have the resources that are required for your idea BUT mind you, you have ample OPPORTUNITIES to gather those resources & get that experience. Start small.

It’s you who has to make the consistent effort & identify that opportunity. You are supposed to bring in the discipline in your life. “Discipline may not be the first quality people associate with entrepreneurship. It’s a discipline into itself. Discipline is paramount when starting a venture!!“

It’s not tough to be disciplined. Once you have the structure ready & a place to start-you have nailed it as being disciplined would provide direction in an otherwise very confusing environment.

So, in order to help you to get #DangerouslyOrganised, Butterly Yours, a product innovator startup headquartered in Delhi is breaking the ice with its extremely cool product 'The Bhasad Planner'. Check them at India's biggest crowdfunding platform at They look at unsolved problems around us and give simple yet funny product solutions.


Idea is to make corporate rat race less bhasadful, with a smile.  For the budding entrepreneurs, to make them less busy & more productive.

Idea is to make corporate rat race less bhasadful, with a smile.  For the budding entrepreneurs, to make them less busy & more productive.

You missed a deadline again? You do set reminders on your mobile but you are still unable to get organised & you fail to achieve your goals. Its been long that you haven't yet been selected as the star performer of your organisation?

If YOU agree to all the above statements, the solution to your hassles is -"The Bhasad Planner"! Planning & scheduling your stuff, a day in advance always helps & saves on time & effort.

Wanna be counted among the one’s that break the stereotypes & believe in creating their own identity, then make planning a part of your routine & be disciplined in your efforts to work on the planned tasks during the day. Respect time, time will respect you!