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Interactive games for kids and dogs to play together!

Did you know that your kids and dogs can have a fun play time together with some simple yet interactive games and interactive toys. Find out more.

Interactive games for kids and dogs to play together!

Tuesday January 03, 2017,

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Kids and dogs can be the best of companions and have loads of interactive play time. Playing with a dog is one of the best ways that your kid can bond with the furry one and enjoy a fun time outdoors/indoors for a healthy mind and a healthy body. Playing with the dog can also teach your kids loads of valuable lessons such as patience, respect, love for animals, compassion, sharing and so much more! And teaching your kids to play and be comfortable with dogs from an early age is the best way to hone an adult that is friendly towards animals and is comfortable around other animals too.

Source - pixabay

Source - pixabay

Here are some fun and interactive games to keep your kids and dogs entertained for hours:

• Hide and Seek – Dogs as well as kids LOVE to play hide and seek. This fun and interactive game can be played with the help of an interactive dog toy such as a fetch and tug toy or a bouncy dog ball. To play, make your dog “stay” and then hide the ball in a safe spot and ask your dog to find the ball. Reward the dog everytime to keep him engaged and happy.

• Game of Tug – A game of tug can be super fun if played responsibly. There are loads of fetch and tug toys available in the market for a fun outdoor game of tug. However, if your dog shows signs of aggression, it is better to simply play a game of fetch with the toy instead.

• Bubble Game – Enjoy a friendly bubble game by using a bubble making toy that your kid can use to throw bubbles around while your dog chases.

• Treat Finder – Help your dog find treats with this super fun game. Use coloured cups and hide a treat inside one of them and keep them upside down. Now, bring your dog and encourage him to find the cup with the treat. Spread the cup around for added fun and watch how your kids and dog interact.

Few Things to bear in mind for a safe play time

•  Always ensure that you teach your kids to treat dogs with respect. That means not pulling their tail, ears or feet and to not trouble them while the dog is eating, drinking or resting.

•  Most dogs are not huggers and will get irritated if kids hug them as that could be perceived as a threat and may lead to dog bites. Teach your kid not to hug a dog and rub his belly instead!

•  Your dog should learn to chase toys and not humans. Teach your kids to not encourage chasing, jumping or wrestling with the dog.

•  Teach kids to never yell or shout at the dog. They must always use positive training methods and speak in a soft tone while interacting with dogs.

•  Ensure that your dog knows the ‘drop it’ command before your kids play a game of fetch.

There are many interactive dog toys available for outdoor and indoor games. Find the best dog toys at online pet stores and always ensure to have an adult supervise play time with your dog and kids.