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5 online work to help you earn extra money from home

5 online work to help you earn extra money from home

Tuesday May 01, 2018,

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Everyone needs or wants extra money but few are willing to work for it. The common complaint of most people is they lack sufficient time to make extra money.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible for you to work for a couple of hours from your home to earn extra money.

Types of online work

Online work is of two types: One that requires basic skills and another for highly qualified professionals.

While basic skills will help you earn some money, it may often not be sufficient for buying something pricey like jewelry, car or home.

However, some online work can be done during spare time to earn the fairly lucrative amount of money.

5 high paying online work from home

1. Crowd-sourced projects

This concept is little known outside the US but is rapidly gaining ground worldwide. Crowd-sourced projects are for professionals in various fields.

Highly reputed companies abroad that require complex projects to be completed on time usually look for professionals who can work together as a team.

It can be in specialized fields like creating a corporate logo, brand identity, marketing plan, engineering design, assessing environmental risks and motley other tasks.

You can enroll on any crowd-sourcing platform and offer services in your field of specialization. Whenever a project that matches your skills is found, the crowd-sourcing provider will contact you to quote a price.

If the price is acceptable, you will work in a team with other professionals in your field located in different countries or geographic zones.

Crowd-sourcing can give you as much as US$ 2,000 for successfully completed projects.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is for people who own websites or blogs. Online retail giants, as well as smaller stores and service providers, offer excellent commissions to affiliate marketers.

For example, Amazon also extends it Amazon Associate Program in India that offers between two to 18 percent commission and some advertising fees for website and blog owners.

As an affiliate marketer, you will have to make links to a company’s product or service and publish it on your website or blog.

Generally, the product you promote has to be consistent with other content on your website or blog. This mean, if you are writing about mobile phones, you can provide links to newly launched models on your website or blog.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your affiliate marketing link and makes a purchase, the company will pay you the promised commission.

Amazon pays affiliate marketers their commission and advertisement fees within 60 days of placing the order, provided there are no returns or cancellations.

3. YouTube videos

A score of Indians has become rich merely by following their passion and creating videos about it for posting on YouTube.

To make money as YouTuber, you will require excellent, expert level skills in a particular field or have to be a great entertainer. You will also require some video shooting and editing skills.

Considering you possess these skills, open your own YouTube channel for free and begin posting these videos.

Invite relatives and friends to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel and popularize it through social media.

You also have to sign-up for Google AdSense. Every time a viewer watches videos on your YouTube channel, Google will post various advertisements.

These will either appear before, after or during your video and pop-ups on the side. You get paid a small amount of money for every advertisement displayed on your channel and more if a viewer clicks on the ad to make a purchase or read something it offers.

4. Content writer

Nowadays, everyone wants content for their website, blog, social media pages and other purposes.

Content writing is an excellent option for people who possess excellent writing skills, superior general knowledge and can churn out creative articles that keep readers absorbed.

The definition of content is very broad: it can include news articles, features, Do-It-Yourself tutorials, investigative reports, research-based writings and many more.

Dozens of freelance jobs and part-time projects for content writers can be found on any reputed recruitment portal.

There are no fixed rates that determine the minimum amount of money you can earn. Writing for a foreign client can earn you between US$5 to US$20 per article, based on the research and quality.

Indian clients will pay between Rs.250 to Rs.1,000 per article, again based on research and quality.

Some Indian customers will pay you on the word-count basis or for the number of words you write.

5. Selling stock photos

Selling stock photos and images is a great way for people that travel for their regular jobs. Graphic designers can also sell their creations.

To make money by selling stock photos, you will need a fairly good camera and a keen sense of photography.

Graphic designers can make exotic creations on computers. Stock pictures and images are bought by advertising companies and almost every other business for various purposes.

Pictures that sell include those of nature and its dramatic sceneries, exotic places for tourism, monuments and public places, food, folk dances and other performing artists, birds, animals, flowers, reptiles, public figures and also celebrities.

Register on any stock photo trading website for free and create your account. You can post samples of your pictures free on these websites.

Whenever someone looks for such pictures, the ones you are selling will be displayed with a copyright claim and watermark.

The stock picture platform pays you for pictures bought by a customer after deducting its service charges. Stock pictures and images fetch an average of 50 American Cents each. Hence, the more pictures you sell, higher your profits.

In conclusion

Since these online works to make extra money from home require specialized skills, they are recommended only to those who possess the talent.

Creating a YouTube channel is free but sustaining it requires extra efforts. Similarly, affiliate marketing can prove time-consuming and will require patience.

Crowd-sourced projects are not available daily while the demand for stock pictures can be seasonal.

Content writing sounds easy but requires great passion and creativity. However, these are no reasons to be discouraged from making extra money online from home.