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You are born excellent

Excellence has a dynamic attraction power. It attracts all success, happiness and respect. It is a great booster for self confidence.

You are born excellent

Wednesday January 18, 2017,

3 min Read


Excellence has a dynamic attraction power. It attracts all success, happiness and respect. It is a great booster for self confidence. What is excellence? How to be excellent? It is our core desire to be excellent. But before we discuss it we need to understand what excellence is? From where do it come from?

What is excellence?

Excellence simply means performing the right skill at right time, right place and in right situation with full hearted efforts. And it is possible only if you experience the skill within. We cannot learn skills because we all are here to express the skills. We all are skilled only thing is we don’t focus to experience the skills within. And we don’t trust them. Self discovery is a very essential and constant process.

Three step inward journey of self discovery.

1. Information gathering :

Spend good quality time with yourself and answer the skill associated questions on your own, and you will find amazing facts about yourself. But remember don’t go for other’s opinion it will create chaos within. So just listen your own opinion only. It will help you to investigate about your own strength and limitations. Do the same exercises for each skill like communication skill etc. Don’t come on conclusion quickly. Give the sufficient time.

Here are some test questions which may help you in your, self discovery.

1. How good you are at communication skill?

2. How good you are at self-confidence?

3. How good you are at leadership?

Few questions related to character building.

1. Respect

2. Carrying

3. Trustworthiness

Know yourself

If you can accept the results of the investigation you can understand yourself in better way. Without accepting the truth you cannot know yourself although it requires immense power to accept certain facts but it is essential. Your self discovery will expose many limitations of yourself. You can see that your self-confidence is not so good but you can hide your fear. So accept this fact. Only if you accept the facts you can break the limitations. When full heartedly accepts all the facts information transforms into the knowledge. Knowledge about yourself. This knowledge about self is powerful enough to bring a paradigm shift in the life. It can drive you in the new direction.

Knowledge transforms into skill.

Information transforms into knowledge. Knowledge guides us to find the way out to overcome our limitation. When we overcome our own limitation knowledge transforms into skill. And constant skilful performance is known as excellence. Applying the skills without the fear of past and expectations of future is purity. Purity in performance is excellence. It will blossom your existence.

Hope this will help you. God bless you.

Love, Peace & Joy