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Advantages and disadvantages of UPVC casement Windows and doors

uPVC products such as uPVC doors and windows are being used in building system of all major cities of India. They are not only cost effective and long lasting, but they also come with inherent properties of aesthetic looks and superb durability. 

Advantages and disadvantages of UPVC casement Windows and doors

Monday September 04, 2017,

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What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is generally a window that is attached hinges and needs to be cranked to open. These windows or doors are open-able on both sides. However, most of the casements open outsides in general.


There is often an option of a safety hook or friction hinge in casement windows and doors to keep them fixed on the same place on windy days. Casement windows are either singular or they come in pairs in a single frame.

Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC Casement Windows and Doors -

UPVC casements have been installed in a large number of houses and they are very durable and long-lasting in nature. However, sometimes they may be tricky to handle. Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of uPVC casement windows and doors.

Advantages -

Easy to operate

The casement windows are easy to operate and do not require much effort to open and close. They are very light and anyone can open or close them with minimal use of strength. Therefore, they are suitable for people of all ages, regardless of any shortage of strength due to age or disabilities.

Long lasting and Durable

The Casements are usually very long lasting and durable. They do not expand or contract within a vast range of temperatures, making them usable in a wide variety of climatic conditions. These uPVC profiles are also very long-lasting and do not go through usual wear and tear in general conditions.

Easy Maintenance

The UPVC casement windows and doors need minimum care when it comes to maintenance. They do not get de-shaped or discolored in usual wear and tear of lifestyles. Therefore, the looks and style of the building can remain as it is for a long time where these casements are used. The non-deteriorating nature of the UPVC products makes them a preferred choice of many.

Non Invasive

The UPVC Casement doors and windows are not threatening to human health, meaning they can be used in locations where ill health of users is a concern. UPVC casements and doors are also used in hospitals and schools because they do not contain any threat to the living beings in general.

No threat of getting hurt

The UPVC casements are not dangerous for children or aged people. They do not have any sharp or dangerous ages, so, can be used in all locations, including places where children and aged people reside. However, opening and closing them may be a little risky as fingers may get entrapped between two portions of the casement windows or doors.



Many users tend to open and close the sliding Windows by touching the glass portion, where fingerprints can get attached over time. This makes cleaning of the glasses much tidier and time-consuming. The UPVC portion, however, is easy to clean because it is washable and do not deteriorate on being exposed to chemicals.


The outside of sliding doors and windows may require extra efforts to clean. The sliding windows often slide back and forth which makes the cleaning of the outside portions difficult during winters.

The other variants of windows usually get tilted inside which makes cleaning easy. However, for sliding Windows, it can be tricky to clean on its entirety when the window is perched on a higher level. Therefore, there can be a headache to arrange ladders to clean the windows and doors.

Some corners and portions of sliding doors and windows are difficult to reach and access, leading to accumulation of dirt that can require significant attention to get services regularly. 

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