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Readymade video on demand solution to start a business like Netflix

Readymade video on demand solution to start a business like Netflix

Wednesday February 14, 2018,

5 min Read

You definitely need to keep all your options open if you are looking how to start a business like Netflix. Netflix is basically the home for limitless and mind-boggling entertainment. It is a subscription based video-on-demand platform with respect to video streaming platforms in the present mindset of the media channel, giving enough video content which ranges from top performing musical shows to brilliant Hollywood movies.

If you are taking a general American into attention, Netflix has actually been the primary platform which internet savvies can depend upon. Surprising, what few individuals think about Netflix is that it possesses as much as 61% of the advertisements in the complete video streaming industry.


Numerically, to watch the total content of Netflix, one human life is not enough. A sub-branch of this authorization is the huge amount of cash that Netflix made from October to December in 2016 which is approximately $2158 million. If you are really looking how to start a business like Netflix then you must also know that other noteworthy competitors in this industry are Hulu and Dailymotion.

There is by all accounts a huge part of unexplored potential in video-on-demand (VOD) advertising. If you are looking how to start a business like Netflix, you require brilliant skills in technologies like Amazon S2 and S3 cloud storage.

Other than this, you should be well adapted with the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming and Wowza media engine. In addition, the system for video on demand sites must not be restricted only to computers. VOD platforms need to be running on smartphones and smart gadgets of different pixels, formats, and sizes.

Netflix hasn’t become famous as days passed by for no reason. To keep the performance up and running for such sites, you require exceedingly skilled cloud hosting services. For the video on demand sites of these types, programming licenses don't come easily. As a general rule, they are quoted at huge amounts of money.

If you want to start a streaming business you must always keep certain specks in mind which would create one of the best VOD platforms for your use. These factors are:

1. Encoding

2. Decoding

3. Streaming

4. Transmission

Excepting a couple of exceedingly rich businesses, creating VOD platforms like Netflix is out of the reach of common man. This is the point where StreamView, white-label VOD server software comes into the picture. It is a straightforward and completely cost-effective readymade Netflix Clone Script that is very much adaptable.

StreamView deals with your content growth and ownership. Any issues related to multiple gadget consistency are additionally tended to. Additionally, the VOD streaming software termed StreamView accompanies many esteemed features and guarantees the best video experience.

Features of Streamview as a readymade video on demand solution:


Using StreamView would make you feel the difference with the VOD server software streaming your content. Such an enterprise changes the HTTP format into RTMP and HLS format for Website, Android and iOS accordingly. You can now play the video without even a single buffer.


The prospect of every video hosting site with an idea of how to start a business like Netflix is to have an extended list of video content. A provoking thought would be to make utilization of any channel to transfer video content.


Enable clients to watch those trailers for nothing and urges them to watch the full video by registering to the platform.


A single adjustment channel wouldn't do. Isn’t it? Imagine a scenario where a client is unwilling to subscribe and pay you a monthly rent? Here is the other choice. You can get a one-time payment for any video using this pay-per-view platform.


Digital Marketing has certainly been made quite basic with StreamView. All SEO settings can be moderately set by the site owner from the administrator panel to get ranked in the web indexes for the most craved keywords.


Here is yet another channel which opens the door to monetization. In case you are wondering how you could commence something like Netflix, you can post featured videos on the banner to get more traffic and more membership into the venture.

StreamHash being the mother concern also incorporates services for Android and iOS. With the least amount spent on your wallet, you can now relish all the speculations which Netflix contains into your endeavor and also can personalize the same if required. The incorporation of technology such as Angular.JS and Laravel 5.2 has made both the front and the back end so marvelous that you need to order for such a service with your only motive being carving up a brilliant video-on-demand solution.

Try and make your platform one of the best VOD platforms available in the market. Remember when Netflix commenced it leased out DVD’s and with time and patience it gradually developed into what it is today. Do not expect to earn a fortune within no time. Be patient, look around for more options. Keep in mind that the VOD platform goes with your budget and will work according to you will.