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Why is PVC preferred as compared to other polymers?

What is PVC

Monday August 21, 2017,

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PVC is also known as polyvinyl or vinyl. Its full form is polyvinyl chloride. It is the one of the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It is made from raw materials derived from oil and salt. It is made with less crude oil and natural gas than other plastics. Thus it is more environmentally friendly.

It is available in two forms- rigid and flexible. The rigid form is used in the construction of pipes, bottles etc. The flexible PVC is used in plumbing, outer covering electrical cable for insulation, medical appliances, components of cars and largely for all types of packaging.

Why is PVC preferred as compared to other polymers?

It is one of the most used plastics in the world and today it been used more because of the reliability.

• PVC is used in nearly everything in our everyday life. It is a versatile product. Medical devices, credit cards, children’s toys, pipes etc are made fromPVC

• The medical devices made of PVC does not break and is easy to sterilize

• Due to its resistance to fire, wires and cables are given a covering of the PVC layer.

• Owing to its strength, it is used for car components. Thus the risk of injury during an accident is reduced.

• It requires minimum maintenance and repair that can be done by PVC welding machines.

With so many uses, a PVC welding machine is essential. It is required for the production of various goods. However, the most important use is of making boxes. PVC boxes are not only required in all forms of packing but also for storage purposes in home, office, and factories.

PVC Box Machine:

Salient features of the PVC box machine

• Making of a plastic container is a chemical process involving several reactions where PVC box machine comes in picture.

• It follows a step less frequency conversation control system with a conveyor belt

• The production rate can be adjusted easily.

• It has easy operation system with high output.

• It can glue, stick and dry mechanically

• No scratches are there on the finished products

• It can produce in the thickness from 0.0009 inches to 0.024 inches.

• It offers high clarity in the finished product.

• It is extremely durable

• A variety of shapes and sizes of boxes can be produced.

• It enables the application of graphics directly to the box.

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