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Dhotis - Famous Traditional Indian Wear for Men

Monday February 06, 2017,

2 min Read

Dedicating a week for something special has been made a part of our lifestyles Sun TV started the trend, it continues to this day. Ramraj thought we shouldn’t be an exception, but still be one!Here’s our special ‘Week’ added with some garnish of tradition and a spice of enticement.

Say Ramraj, and you’ll unanimously find it synonymous with Dhotis (Endearingly addressed as ‘veshti’ by the locals). You might find fringe-instances of people quoting a yester-year actor!!we have carved the niche for us, we thought it was our utmost duty to do our best in keeping up the rich traditions, especially in the times a lot of our traditional practices is facing challenges.

That wasn’t enough, we have another dimension - a really noble dimension - to this exercise. This white piece of clothing with a lining also spells the lifeline for tons of weavers whose bread and butter (or rather say, Idli and sambar) depends on these traditional drapes of white. Your step towards adopting your own tradition is going to help someone earn their meal, that too, with a sense of honor, pride and passion.

All this would not be possible it wasn’t for that spark of enthusiasm for our Founder Chairman KR Nagarajan. It is his commitment, grit and determination to unconfined veshtis from just ethnic day celebrations and festivals, to make it an everyday attire that made this special week possible.

We would love to have you all join hands with Ramraj in making this wrap of revolution a great success. If not for that, we’re sure you’d be interested in strengthening the livelihood of our home’s best weavers. If not for that, don’t miss out on a chance to look cool, suave and culturally apt all this in just a few Penny!!