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EMERGE App provides FREE Software to Indian SMBs

Monday November 07, 2016,

2 min Read

Estimated 95% of product wholesale & trading company globally are using spreadsheets, hardcopy paperwork & memory (yes, memory) to manage their orders, inventory & billings. This process is extremely unproductive and especially if the team is small. This man-hours loss instead should be focused on sales related activities to grow the business.

26 years old entrepreneur Benjamin Yee, wants to help this gigantic industry adopt software at a much faster rate. His company developed cloud solution: EMERGE App, focused on user-friendless, affordability & flexibility. For traders not keeping stocks, keeping partial stocks or selling entirely from stocks, simplicity is the key to disrupting in this industry.

Benjamin started EMERGE App after failing to find a suitable solution online for his T-shirt business he started during Polytechnic School days. He believes if this problem if faced by him, millions of entrepreneurs worldwide will face it too. Developing EMERGE App was not overnight thing, he and his team met at least 500 product wholesale & trading companies around the region understanding their pains before launching the App. 

We recently launched our application to Indian market, we must say we are gaining lot of traction from Indian businesses. We decided to provide free version for all Indian SMBs.

Interested trading and distribution businesses can sign up and get their cloud software account immediately from www.emergeapp.net.

Let us know what you think of our software.