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Best Online Birthday Cake Shop in Coimbatore with Home Delivery

Friend In Knead cake shop for birthday and wedding occasions

Tuesday August 23, 2016,

3 min Read

Friend in Knead is the First Online Cake Shop in Coimbatore. With our Free Door Delivery Service, we ensure a hassle free experience to you.

Our Super Adorable Philosophy:

Friend in Knead, as a brand, represents all the positivity in the world. We bring to you love! We bring to you happiness! We bring to you celebration! And we bring to you all this in one box. Yes we bring to you our Cakes.

Friend in Knead wants to be there for you, in every celebration. We make sure that your child has got that Chhota Bheem Theme Cake exactly the way he/she imagines it, on his/her birthday.

We make sure that your anniversary is just perfect with our mouth watering flavors. We make sure that in your perfect wedding, people remember every detail including our elaborate designer wedding cakes.

In short we love perfection and we deliver nothing less.

What do we have for you?

We have for you all our delicious flavors including Coffee, Ferrero Rocher, Kiwi, Blueberry etc. You name it, we got it.

We give you not just flavors, we give you customization. It’s your celebration and we do it exactly how you want it.

We give you amazing customer service with FREE DOOR DELIVERY. The whole process is going to be as smooth as our fresh cream cakes, from placing the order till opening the box. You are going to love it (and then you are going to love us)!

Where do you find us?


If you are really busy and have no time you can WhatsApp us your order at 7092 789 000.

We love to hear from you. If you would love to hear from us as well, you can call us at the same number. We can have a nice lil chat understanding your requirement to the last detail.

If you are the techie type you can easily order online from our website

Anyway it is, we promise you the best ever service and best ever cakes.

Who are we?

Friend in Knead was born when two friends Ram and Karthik decided to find an intersection between their passion and ambition. Karthik was a foodie, and Ram was obsessed with brands.

They realized how in Coimbatore there was simply no way you can order a cake sitting at home. Hence Friend in Knead, the online cake store with Free door delivery happened. The duo from Coimbatore, also happen to be IIM graduates, wanted to build a brand that was more than just a bakery.

Friend in Knead aspires to be a part of the special moments in people’s lives, and honestly believes that a party without a cake is just a gathering.

Let there be cake. With one click! At your doorstep!