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FAQs on purchasing furniture online answered

FAQs on purchasing furniture online answered

Tuesday January 02, 2018,

3 min Read

The importance of furniture in our daily life cannot be overemphasized. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen, furniture take up majority of the space in every household. They form a meaty part of what men own.

These days, people love shopping furniture online, given the ease and convenience it affords. Despite this reality, there are always customers who harbor some doubts or misconceptions about buying furniture online. This write-up attempts to address some of those common concerns.

I’m worried about dealing with a faceless online service. How do I do?

Your fear is unwarranted if you are dealing with a reputed online retail with years of e-commerce experience. Many of these sites offer better personal service than their competitors. They will even go out of their way to source products for customers if those aren’t available on their website. If you still prefer to talk to a real person over the phone, leading sites such as HomeShop18 offer that too.

Will they deliver exactly what I want?

In maximum number of cases. Leading online shopping sites are user-friendly in their web design and are easy to navigate. The product search feature is usually accompanied by large, clear images and detailed information. Products are catalogued in different categories for easy search and purchase.

Will the products be of good quality?

An online and on-air shopping site like HomeShop18 handpicks each product that are on sales. It deals with only established suppliers who are accountable for all the products they supply. Thousands of repeat customers at popular sites are a testimony to the trust and confidence they repose in the products and services.

I’ve heard stories of things arriving damaged. What do I do?

Return policy in nearly all online shopping sites say that if any item arrives damaged, they shall replace it at no extra cost. There could be circumstances that are beyond the control of these online retailers where a customer receives a defective or damaged product. Get in touch with the customer service before using the product.

Are my personal details including credit card safe?

All long established online shopping sites take the security of customer information very seriously. As per their privacy policy, they never share personal information collected from customers with any third party. They adhere to all prescribed online security norms in the interest of their customers.


There’s nothing to be apprehensive about shopping your favorite furniture or any other piece of item online. From ordinary and cheap to luxurious, you’ll get to choose from the unlimited number. Why kill your leisure time by driving to physical stores, encountering traffic snarls on the way, paying for parking and spending on eating out?Shop online from home and get things delivered to your doorstep.