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Let’s cloud on to the clouding future

Future of Cloud and Digital Transformation

Let’s cloud on to the clouding future

Wednesday March 07, 2018,

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A client once said to me “we are trying to digitize our ecosystem that overlaps with many other ecosystems but when I looked at the blueprint I couldn’t say if we’re an automotive company or a technology firm”. The digital world is moving to cloud more rapidly than it was predicted, whether on private or public.

Tech giants are redefining the whole concept of storage, connectivity and accessibility to deliver enterprise and SME’s a major platform to operationalize their businesses using cloud computing. Large to small establishments are finding their ways to be on cloud for reasons that are helping them on so many fronts, such as cost effectiveness, infrastructure scalability, space and security.

The high growth demands in the market for cloud based software products and on premises compute is bringing in the new hybrid IT solution, while the cost structuring for private and public cloud is giving companies all flavours to choose from without burdening their economic decisions. While the data security for cloud remains highly vulnerable, the security firms are bringing the balance to counter the threat challenge. The multilayer enterprise security from CDN level to entire infrastructure where the cloud being deployed needs to be more effective and rapidly remain ahead of any potential threat.

The future of this hybrid IT will let software companies roll out more cloud based software products and services, giving customers the ready to use cloud platform to leverage their existing infrastructure, this will make large software suites less required or not so prevalent going forward to the future of digital and Hybrid IT.

Earlier enterprises have strived and invested heavily to deploy their infrastructure in multiple geographies to speed up with business but with tech giants offering cloud based software products it has changed the face of industry.

All digital means are being latched to cloud! Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0) being hooked to cloud, saving great amount of time to implement AI products in smart manufacturing, forming a digital ecosystem offering all connected cloud platform.

The prediction says by 2020 majority of applications will be available via cloud. The adoption of cloud will only grow YoY. By 2020 every company will be a tech company, every CEO will be a digital CEO. The digital ecosystem of the near future will have 8 Billion personal devices, making business more rapid than ever.

Role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will further improve many human efforts that are connected to a process driven system, this can be replace with programmable AI apps doing the job to leverage the data on Cloud. This integration will speak to many other apps forming ecosystem using data and logic, putting behind the standalone apps which will no longer be used. Cloud will become ubiquitous and evolve rapidly.