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Tips to ensure safety while riding off road vehicles

Tips to ensure safety while riding off road vehicles

Monday April 17, 2017,

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Whether you’re looking to drive on or off the paved road, ATVs are the way to go. Off road vehicles in India are getting quite a lot of attention as they seem as a great solution for driving through rural areas.

With a higher center of gravity than other types of vehicles, ATVs and SUVs are more prone to flipping on the side. This is especially dangerous when driving across the mountains or getting into a sharp curve at high speed. However, to all these problems there are some simple solutions. Read on:

Preventing Rollovers

It is estimated that cartoolexpressare twice as much prone to rollovers than passenger vehicles. The higher center of gravity is the principal reason for this, but we shouldn’t forget that ATVs are driven in much tougher conditions than regular cars. Still, the manufacturers have managed to find a solution for this problem. The electronic stability control is a great system for preventing rollovers and since it started being part of SUVs, the number of rollovers has dropped significantly.


Although they look big and strong, tests have shown that SUV-style vehicles suffer more damage than regular passenger cars in crashes. Because of this, it is necessary to follow all the safety procedures before going on off-road adventures. Your ATV should have air bags, seat belts, and other equipment. The GPS tracker is also a useful piece of equipment. The whole point of off road adventures is to go where you’ve never been before, but that means you can easily get lost.


The fact is that people inside an ATV feel safer than in any other type of vehicle. They get a feeling like they’re inside of a tank when driving an ATV, but that’s far from the truth. The false sense of security is often the cause of many accidents. The safety of drivers of off road vehicles in India can be improved just by educating them about the abilities of this type of vehicle.

Safety of Others

Although it’s unlikely you’ll run into many other vehicles when driving off pavement, you still need to be careful not to harm anyone. The fact that you’re alone doesn’t mean that you should put the pedal to the floor and drive like Mad Max. Instead, you should drive according to the rules, but also according to your own common sense.


Off Road vehicles need a lot of power to drive off road. More power means higher fuel consumption, which is why these vehicles are not quite environmentally friendly. Of course, this is not true for all off road vehicles in India. There are some manufacturers like Polaris who sell eco-friendly models with electric engines as well.

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