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Forex Card: The best way to carry money whilst travelling abroad

Monday July 31, 2017,

3 min Read

After booking the tickets, arranging the hotels and plotting the itinerary for your trip abroad, the last yet most important factor that remains is ensuring you have the local currency stocked and loaded for all your travel needs. Nowadays, there are many ways a traveller can exchange their native currency for the currency of their destination, however the one form of foreign currency that’s grown in popularity is that of a forex card. Yes, plastic is really replacing physical paper currency in a large way. This article will discuss the advantages of a forex card and why it’s so beneficial to those travelling abroad.

First is that it’s widely accepted.

Forex card are now being accepted at ATMs, restaurants, hotels & malls. In some cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, etc. your forex card can even be used to pay the taxi guy or pay for a metro ride. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need physical currency, you should exchange some currency before you leave but also make it a point buy forex online in the form of a forex card. This will ensure you can cover all your travel cost conveniently.

Second is that forex cards are safe to carry.

As opposed to physical cash, carrying a forex card is relatively safer. This is because if you carry large amounts of physical currency and the wallet or bag you carry it in gets lost, then the chances of recovering the cash are next to nil. But when you buy a forex card, you can simply block it in case of emergencies.

Third, it’s so easy to get one.

As compared to the tiring process of exchange rate shopping and going from one forex vendor to the other looking for the best deal, one can simple get a forex card over the internet and from the comfort of your home. Also, you have the liberty to observe the rates of these online service providers over a few days and apply when the rates are the most favorable. After registering yourself, you can buy forex online and have it delivered to you within 4 to 5 hours in the form of a forex card. Making it so easy to get the best value for your money and get a viable way to carry foreign currency.

It’s also much more economical than a debit or visa card.

Some people are under the impression that they can simply swipe their debit or credit cards whilst travelling abroad. Well, you can do so but you will also be levied with a cross currency mark-up for every transaction. This mark-up charge can be anything between 3-5 percent of the transaction. Since the currency in your forex card is already in the native currency, you don’t need to pay this mark-up charge, thus allowing you save a lot of money!

With so many advantages, the next time you travel, you should skip traditional foreign exchange channels and buy forex online in the form of a forex card. It’s convenient, saves your time, money and effort and also safeguards you from lose of wallet and also from exchange rate fluctuations. Need we say more?