Contouring: It’s Not Just for Your Face

Our contours are what make you look at photographs of yourself and wonder why your body looks so different from particular angles. So, how can you change the contours of your body?

Contouring: It’s Not Just for Your Face

Wednesday January 25, 2017,

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Once upon a time, contouring was a secret known only by make-up artists. That is, until Kim Kardashian pulled back the curtain – posting images of how her personal makeup guru accentuated the contours of her face. Since then, people all over the globe have been re-working the angles that nature gave them to achieve a face that they were delighted with.

But unlike the face, altering the contours of your body can take a lot more work that an hour or two sat in the make-up artist’s chair.

The contours of your body are the defining lines and edges; the curve of your hips, the definition of your abs, the shape of your arms. Your contours are what make you look at photographs of yourself and wonder why your body looks so different from particular angles. The subtlest of weight gains or loss in muscle tone can leave your silhouette looking less than sleek and shapely – and getting your contours back the way you want them (or getting them there in the first place) can be a gargantuan task.

So, how can you change the contours of your body?

The traditional route is, of course, diet and exercise. As your body loses fat you will begin to see more definition in your figure and as you develop muscle this will begin to firm up the lines of your body. But this can take months, if not years of gruelling work. And what about that stubborn fat that just won’t shift?

One of the drawbacks of diet and exercise is that it does not let you control where you lose the fat from, so while you might change your contours, it may still not give you the silhouette you are looking for. That’s where the revolutionary cosmetic procedure CoolSculpting comes in.

CoolSculpting uses innovative technology which harnesses the power of cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells on selected areas of the body. This process of freezing leaves the other cells of the body unharmed, whilst the fat cells crystalise, die and are eliminated naturally from the body over the course of three to twelve weeks. It’s quick, almost pain-free and can be used on those impossible to address areas like the chin and love handles.

When you visit a clinic for a CoolSculpting consultation, your doctor will discuss a completely holistic approach to your contouring goals, looking at your body from every angle and then focusing on where your areas of concern are.

The treatment takes place in a clean, safe and professional environment where you’ll be talked through the treatment and then sat down to begin. A protective gel is applied to the treatment area (to protect the skin from cold burn) and then the CoolSculpting machine is applied for cycles varying from between 35 minutes and an hour (depending on the area). There’s no anaesthetic needed and clients will feel only mild discomfort; freeing them to read a book, answer emails or watch a movie on their tablet.

So, if you’re looking to contour the shape of your body, without resigning yourself to years of gym memberships or a surgical procedure; why not take the bull by the horns, and go for a treatment that really works? 

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