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A Helping Hands to other.

helping a 5-yrs child while he was hungry

Saturday December 03, 2016,

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My Story: A helping hand to others.

"While I was living in Dhanbad,Jharkhand. I was travelling from Dhanbad to Bhubaneswar. On the way to Bhubaneswar, I had a train from Asansol so I went one hour before so that I couldn't miss but when I reached Asansol station the train was two hour late.

So I was moving on the platform and I saw a 5-yr old child playing with stick and her mother who was sitting next to him and watching his child playing. It was around 9.30pm, I feel hungry. My Mom packed dinner for me("paratha & sabji") which I could smell and I could feel hungry because "every mom's hand had a magic of cooking food" especially if his/her children lives in hostel.

In the mean while the child's mom put his hand in his sack and take out some food and give him to eat. At that time I feel very much sorry for that poor lady who didn't have a fresh food to give his children to eat. So the child took take the peice of bun and started eating at that time I was just going to eat my dinner but I couldn't able to eat by seeing that moment.

At that time I was very much confused. I want to give my food that boy but, I couldn't. I was thinking what if he mother refused to take food from a stranger so I on keep watching, but I atlast I couldn't control my emotion I called up the boy and rolled one chapati & egg and give it to him. The boy happily took the chapati and moved to her mother and both were very much happy. And I also feel very much exicited at that time.

At that time I was also feeling very much hungry, so as I going to start my dinner the boy looked at me and I at that time I feel very much pity on that boy I called him once again and I gave my whole food to that boy. His mother gave me a smile and she was very much happy and she kept that food in the sack carefully for his child.

By seeing their happy faces I moved from that place because if I would stay for a while I would cried at that time. That moment was very much pleaseful for me.

I would like to say to all those who read this story. Please help the poor people those who are need. Give him some food or buy for them because it will give more pleasure to your heart and makes you happy.

"If you want happiness just give some happiness to others".

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