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Benefits of unmanaged dedicated server

Unmanaged Dedicated Server is the better option over expensive could hosting.

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

3 min Read


Unmanaged Dedicated Server is very useful for any online business. Any organizations or business choosing an Unmanaged Dedicated Server will have full control over the dedicated server, operating system, and can choose the hardware of your choice. There are so many hosting service providers, who are offering managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server solutions which are affordable, highly secure and reliable Hosting. There are many advantages of using Unmanaged Dedicated, Here are few such advantages:

Advantages of umanaged dedicated server:

1. Reliability:

If you want to boost your website performance and manage your traffic better then you need to have a Dedicated Server which is the best option for your business, because the Dedicated server does not share any resources with any other users. While in the Shared server, the resources are shared between many users on the server, so it would impact on the performance of the server.

2. IP Address:

Organization or any business opting for a Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server get a unique IP address. In the Shared server, different business websites or organization use the same shared IP address hence if a website is compromised in the shared IP the whole storage of the server would be at risk. If one of the websites getting blacklisted/Spammed/Hacked on the shared server will also have an impact on the ranking, downtime, spammed emails etc. of the other websites. It is very important to have an unique IP address if you want to secure yours and your customer's data, it defines a unique identity to your business and also helps to improve your website ranking on search engine and increases your business reputation.

3. Security:

Security is the main part of Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Having a dedicated server means nobody can share or access your server when you have a strong password set, it will prevent your business from any security issue. In an Unmanaged Dedicated Server, you can also manage your firewall, port settings to have more safety standards and increase the performance of the use.

4. Low maintenance:

There is no time to manage local server updates, updating anti-virus protection and server maintenance. Dedicated Server Hosting provides you the best maintenance and support for your server. The Dedicated Server is having the hassle-free maintenance.

5. Customization:

If you want full control with root access of the server then  Unmanaged Dedicated Server is the best option for you. It not only gives you the full control over the server but also can help you customize your server as per your business requirements like CPU, disk space, RAM, Software, operating system, platform. Because of its highly customisable feature, you can manage multiple projects on the same dedicated server.

Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated server can help manage very high website traffic. It has become the first choice for any e-commerce and other online businesses across the globe. However, the dedicated server is not the only option for all business you must know your business needs and purpose to make the right decision.