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5 things to do with a Masters Degree in Energy and Environment

Terms such as ‘energy management’, ‘environment-friendly’, ‘energy consumption’, etc. have become buzzwords in today’s business world. 

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

3 min Read

Sustainability is the biggest challenge faced by businesses in recent times. The smooth functioning of a business depends upon a number of factors, with energy management and environment-friendliness being the most significant ones. These factors contribute towards a sustainable business strategy which can result in a flourishing business organization.

Terms such as ‘energy management’, ‘environment-friendly’, ‘energy consumption’, etc. have become buzzwords in today’s business world. Therefore, an in-depth study of energy consumption and its effects upon the environment is the need of the day.

Listed below are a few career options that you may choose upon the completion of your degree from the Institute for energy and environment:

1) Positions in Operations

Jobs in Operations require you to handle the company’s policies regarding environmental practices. You can directly affect a company’s procedures and help them determine the most profitable business strategy for their organization keeping the maintenance of environmental balance in mind.

2) Positions in Compliance

You may also work towards helping your organization achieve compliance with the prescribed environmental regulations while implementing the recommended environment-friendly procedures and practices.

3) Positions in Consulting

With a degree in Energy and Environment Management, you can set up a firm and work independently towards consulting client organizations. This task involves educating the employees of various companies to be environmentally responsible. It also requires you to create awareness regarding the correct usage of energy resources and following green practices. Doing so can make a huge difference to your company’s credibility.

4) Positions in Finance

Even if you are a financial person, you can greatly benefit from a degree in Energy and Environment. The degree can easily help you evaluate an organization’s performance with respect to their environmental policies.

5) Work with the Government

Last but certainly not the least are the jobs that one can get in the government sector upon completion of this course. Working in the government sector can enable you to make a positive impact upon the environment while giving you a chance to better others’ lives. You can also research upon various avenues connected with environment such as pollution control, natural resource management, climate change, etc.

To help you achieve your dream career in this field, the Symbiosis Institute of International Business offers a specialized MBA course in ‘Energy and Environment’. Apart from the course in Energy and Environment, SIIB also offers two other specialized courses - MBA in International Business Management and MBA in Agri Business.

A degree in ‘Energy and Environment’ can help you achieve a lot more than mere monetary benefits. It can inculcate a sense of satisfaction within you as you tirelessly endeavor to save the earth and protect its energy resources. We hope that this article gives you a clear picture of the many opportunities available to you upon the completion of your degree. We sincerely wish you all the success in your career endeavors.