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How important is it to believe in yourself as an entrepreneur

How important is it to believe in yourself as an entrepreneur

Tuesday August 22, 2017,

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“The things you regret most in life are the RISKS you didn’t take.” as quoted by an anonymous author stands true even today. As an entrepreneur, it is really important to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the first step to success. However, sometimes it doesn’t come naturally. So, is there any method to train you believing in your success?

And the answer is yes. You can actually train yourself and boost your self-confidence. People who truly believe in themselves, lives a life of high achievements. Find me a single successful person who doesn’t deeply believe in himself/herself. For instance, legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Elon Musk and Michael Jordan are a few successful personalities who achieved success thanks to their confidence.

The feeling of owning your own business is simply amazing and it just can’t be expressed in words. According to a report by Global Entrepreneur Monitor, about 66 percent of adults worldwide believe that entrepreneurship is an excellent career choice. The report added that more than half of those surveyed thinks that they have the capability to begin their own business.

Certainly, trusting your capabilities is the key to making a change and the success starts there. An entrepreneur should believe in himself and his business ideas. We have included few measures you can implement and see how success becomes a reality in your life.

Start Believing in Yourself

Believing in your own abilities is an essential factor for the success of any business venture. It is surely better to be cautious about the growth of our business. Though, entrepreneurs who are prepared to take risks for their business gets successful and also start believing in themselves.

Failure is one of the prime reasons why most entrepreneurs disbelieve about their capabilities. They get stuck in the situation where they failed and keep on thinking about it. On the other hand, the successful entrepreneurs overlook the failure and find ways to the road of success. They pay no attention to how many times they failed at something. They keep on doing what they want to achieve.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are most probably going to fail and experience loss at some point. Still, there is nothing wrong in that. Every successful business has gone through a phase where they failed to achieve what they decided. But, when your confidence is strong, no failure or obstruction can stop you from moving towards your goals. All you need to do is to believe in yourself.


Here are few things you can do to start believing in yourself.

Count your wins

It is undoubtedly difficult to control our mind against the negative emotions. As a human being, we all have a natural tendency to get stuck in a negative situation and think constantly about the losses you made. Instead one should start counting the small, small wins we managed to achieve and find all good from whatever we did.

You should start maintaining a personal diary where you will note down each and every wins at the end of each day. You can write down wins even from yesterday, last week, last month or even prior than that. It is not important when you achieve or win something, but the key is to make a habit to record all of your wins. By doing this, you will realise that you have done something incredible in the past and it will bring a sense of joy.

Eventually, it will help you remind about your achievements and help you achieve bigger things in the future. No matter big or small, just count your wins.

Speak with yourself as champion

Very few understand the power of belief. As the best-selling author Jon Gordon says, “Talk to yourself, more than you listen to yourself” try talking to yourself daily. The human mind is susceptible to negativity more than positive thoughts.

The slight positive ray of hope gets clouded by the negativity which our brain churns out at frequent intervals. The fact that our brain is receptive to negative thoughts is scary. Many have devised a solution for this. But optimism comes from within and when the process is not natural, one needs to induce the same. The easiest and most effective way of doing this is talking to yourself. But it is also important to keep a check on our words. One must make sure that they feel better and not bitter after the self-talk.

Talk like a champion and not as a victim because if we don’t believe in ourselves, no one ever will. The people who have been able to set a benchmark in this world have trusted the incredible power of belief.

Start networking with other entrepreneurs

It is really important to develop a relationship with other entrepreneurs though directly or through your smartphones. It is always helpful when you have mentors and peers around you. Try to be surrounded with smart and enthusiastic people. By doing so, you will get an opportunity to learn how the proven entrepreneurs think and get succeed by believing in them.

Control fear proactively

As per neuroscience experts, fear is a major part of human brains from back in the caveman days. The most effective method to defeat the anxiety is to expose you regularly to fear. Unfortunately, fear never goes away completely. Though, you can train your brain to channel fear and motivate yourself to think positively.

Interact with customer/clients

Listening actively to your customers is an effective way to get feedback. You will get the understanding of how your customers feel about you and your business. It will provide some valid reasons which will help you to believe in your ultimate success. Furthermore, you will develop your venture to suit customer needs.


Undoubtedly taking the jump into entrepreneurship is really exciting. And staying confident, positive, and optimistic towards your business is the key to success. Understanding the incredible power of believing in yourself will help you become confident and ultimately help you become a great entrepreneur.