Content Marketing: A Game Plan to Beat your Opponents

    21st Jul 2016
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    At present, there is cut-throat competition in the world of digital marketing. It has become a place where all your competitors are making all out efforts to promote their brands to the online targeted audiences.

    It doesn’t matter, either they have a remarkable site and well-known brand or they are focusing more on paid campaigns, social media, and content marketing. At a certain point, with your own powerful content marketing strategy, you can beat them up in no time.

    Content Marketing Benefits

    One can use plenty of any other successful strategies, but have you ever imagined why does content marketing have more authority to offer you a competitive advantage? Check out these significant content marketing benefits:

    Minimum funding: Ideally, one can kick-start a content marketing with more or less no early financial investment. Even though, if we appoint an organization, content marketing is still a very much inexpensive strategy.

    Exposer and domination benefits: With the help of content marketing, one can achieve better exposer and more authorization on the web. This can be a beginning of a race against the competitors.

    SEO and incoming traffic: Implementing content as your one of the strong SEO strategy, one can gain higher rankings in search results. It can help you drive more inbound traffic for targeted keywords by ranking one position higher than the competitors.

    Educated clients: Content marketing would also help you convince your clients to do business with you. All you have to do is use content to notify them about your industry and products/services; to make them alert of glitches and solutions.

    Goal Conversion: With unique content, you’ll receive higher conversion rates than your opponents, and customers will be also faithful to your brand.

    Build and increase your network: By developing focused and valuable content, you can use content marketing strategy to build and increase your network. Make your content to engage, teach and amuse your target audience. This will help you to create and shape respectable relations with your community.

    Know that you know the potential benefits of content marketing; you can use following strategies as game plan to beat your opponents:

    1. Know your Competitors

    Before you begin, just know with whom exactly you are dealing with. Study your competitors marketing strategies, before launching yours. Observe your competitors on major social media platforms and search them on Google. This will help you to understand their content marketing strategy, targeted audiences, and their engagement. Simply learn from them and find opportunities to exploit their weaknesses.

    2. Stand Out Differently

    Put all your tried and tested efforts to stand out differently in the competition. Don’t try to follow competitors’ leads or copy their strategies, you might fail. Instead, look for crucial techniques to differentiate yourself.

    3. Serve Better

    It is good practice to offer more in terms of quality and quantity than what your opponents are offering. Make sure you do enough research for posts, embrace more multimedia, and grab the attention of the audience with latest topics. Ultimately, your shared content with drive more traffic and more potential customers, too.

    4. Discover Niches

    In-depth market and keyword research can assist you to recognize important niches, which one can use in content marketing strategy. Let’s say, with keyword research, you can identify important key phrases on which your competitors are ranking and drill the favorable opportunities they have missed. This will help you to drive more organic search traffic by using these ranking opportunities in your blog posts. Fulfill your audience demand and produce content that your customers like to read and share the most.

    5. Expand Your Reach

    Content marketing is powerful and invincible as it easily combines with lots of other strategies. It works as fuel for SEO, social media campaigns, email marketing and much more. If you’re capable than you can have a major competitive edge compared to your competitors and earn higher ROI from every post produced.

    Tools to Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing can take countless time. Usually, it’s treated as a task which is given to a person or is outsourced to a freelance employee. But, with the help of some popular tools you can save a lot of time and make content marketing a smooth process.

    Here are some tools to make content marketing strategy easier to execute. Check out them below and get set started today:


    Sprout Social





    It doesn’t matter, what your industry niche is. Potent content marketing strategy can help you beat the competition. Hope this post will help you build content what your users are looking for and lets you stand front in the cut-throat competition.

    If you are familiar with any techniques for a successful content marketing strategy, feel free to share them in the comments.

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