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What are the best occasions to cherish your employees & business associates?

Gift giving is an art. And, choosing the right gift as per the occasion is a talent. 

What are the best occasions to cherish your employees & business associates?

Monday July 30, 2018,

3 min Read

Gift giving is something that should come from the heart. When we give gifts, we don’t expect anything in return. With gifts we give our dear ones a reason to laugh, a moment to cherish and a time to remember.

In India, the tradition of gift-giving is centuries old. Whether it is an occasion of Diwali, New Year, Christmas, House-warming party, and company anniversary etc. presenting thoughtful gifts is always our foremost choice.

Through gifts giving we give our friends, employees and clients a chance to remember us, for a good reason. If we talk about the culture of gift giving in the corporate world, so most of the people take it in a hectic way. Like why to provide gifts to employees, what’s the need for appreciation gifts, why to greet business associates and so on?

There are very few people in the corporate world who must be knowing what the importance of corporate gifting is, how it is done and why it is necessary to give gifts to employees and business associates? Apparently, companies use corporate gifts as an essential tool in the marketing communication mix. To aware people about their services which they offer. But, if you all want to increase your sales chart, then start with your employees – they are the roots of your company. They have the power to drive more sales or sink them.

Advantages of corporate gifting:

Whenever you give a thoughtful gift to your employees, it makes them feel special, and an extra way of telling them that you value the hard work they have put in. Something practical like beach accessories, company momentum, gifts baskets, would be a preferred option. While in the case of clients, corporate gifting is always proven e a successful way to enhance one's brand image and creates goodwill.

Corporate gifting etiquettes:

Keeping corporate gifting appropriate to a business relationship, make sure you are not giving something too personal to your clients. Ideally, the gift should reflect your personality and class. Instead of investing in high-quality materialistic stuff, present them something charming, something that remembers them to their motherland like Handicraft items - a unique and trendy way to greet your business associates.

Ideas of corporate gifting:

The possibilities of finding the right corporate gift for special occasions are endless, yet there are some “go-to” gifts which are universally appreciated. For example- home décor articles for Diwali, chocolate Boxes on Christmas, Thanks momentum as an appreciation, gift baskets on New Year and so on. To make the work more accessible, a company names Boontoon has created an infographic that depicts which gift to give on what occasion. 

Gift Ideas for Corporates

Gift Ideas for Corporates

Source: Boontoon