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Top 3 proven personalisation strategies to boost your revenue

The new-age weapon, "Customization"  is remolding the  success stories of businesses. Some market places have already stated executing these personalized strategies  and are  now bearing the fruits.

Top 3 proven personalisation strategies to boost your revenue

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

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What should you do to make your business achieve the heights? If you own an offline store, imagine how your business can thrive if you meet the needs of your every customer. Presume that you know deals, offers, or language they respond to. You perceive their shopping history, and their need to shop for it again. Imagine if you could create a matchless shopping experience tailored to their needs that prompts them to make a purchase.

It doesn’t end there. Keep in touch with them now and then, make sure everything going good, and keep them informed of the current deals and offers. Wouldn’t it be amazing to deliver such incredible service, where your customers talk about you with their friends? This picture perfect shopping experience is a little harder and is still distant from the brick-and-mortar market. 

E-commerce businesses can achieve this, and most of the consumers are looking forward to such experience. Some of the online retailers have already started working personalizing their e-commerce experience and customers have valued that personal touch while shopping.

So What Next?

Online business customization is all about bringing the personal touch of the family store online. It has limitless possibilities for both the consumers and the brand. Providing customized shopping experience for users is more than studying their buying behavior, interests, and demographics. 

You can personalize your e-store with predictive personalization, navigational personalization, personalization based on the database, third-party data, subject lines, real-time offers, content produced based on interests, dynamic marketing, location and more. Let’s take a look at the top 3 proven e-store customization strategies with a summary of each:

Customize your message:

Be it an offer or a promotion, send it with a personal touch. Based on the third-party data on consumer behavior communicate the right message depending on your customer’s needs.

Use this in Notifications, exit messages, mobile app messaging.

Use customers’ location and device:

Detect the devices of your users and send tailored offers based on age, demographics, shopping history and geolocation. You can make them more customized by using weather targeting.

Target Cart Drop-offs:

If you see your customers dropping off their loaded carts, it’s on you to offer attractive offers incentives to win them back. Personalize your retargeting campaigns by using browser cookies, sending reminder emails or integrating offline CRM data to re-engage your already interested audience and influence purchase completion.

E-commerce customization is a prerequisite to boost AOV (Average Order Value) & increase sales. Nowadays customers are looking for such a personalized experience while shopping, and it’s on you to feed the necessity of your users to make your e-store flourish.

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