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3 free extensions for Google web download

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3 free extensions for Google web download

Wednesday July 25, 2018,

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An extension is a small app that adds extra features to your web browser. Amazingly, Google has dozens of extensions in its Chrome Web Store that help download web pages for free. You can manage the Google web download with these interactive extensions. Once fully downloaded and activated, you will see a small icon of that extension next to your URL field. 

Do you want a free and comprehensive extension for Google web download? It's safe to say that downloading content, images, and videos from the websites is not easy and you cannot perform the task with ordinary tools and services. However, some Google Chrome extensions can simplify the process with just a few clicks.

1. PageArchiver

PageArchiver allows you to target Google web download for free and is an interactive extension on the internet. It provides the virtual keyboards for over 80 languages, full IMEs, and direct transliteration for over 25 different scripts, and handwriting input for over 30 languages. 

You can easily archive the web pages for offline reading, and PageArchiver exports the files to HTML, making it easy for you to edit the downloaded web pages. You can also add notes to your web documents with its WYSIWYG editor, can add tags, rate the archives, and filter the Google search results for free.

2. SingleFile

Do you want to download Google web pages for free? Are you looking for a Google web downloader? SingleFile archives the web pages to a single HTML file and is an alternative to PageArchiver. It is one of the best applications for Google web download and is easy-to-install. 

You would have to specify the web page and wait until it is fully downloaded. It is good to hover over the dynamic document elements to make sure that all elements are loaded properly. In the next step, you should click on the SingleFile icon in your web browser and click on the Download button. 

You can regularly use this application to process the partial or entire website without compromising on quality. SingleFile is the prior choice for webmasters and content curators and makes it easy for them to download Google web pages. Once fully activated, you will get instant access to the tabs you need to target dynamic sites.

3. Web Scraper

Are you looking for a Google web downloader? Web scraper is an interactive and powerful web extension that helps accomplish your work. It is one of the best and most useful data extraction services on the internet. 

With web scraper, you can easily create a plan (sitemap) on how to make Google web download possible. You can also decide how your website should be traversed and what should be extracted. With the sitemaps, this tool will easily navigate your web pages according to your requirements and will extract data without compromising on quality. The scraped data can be exported to the JSON and CSV files. It supports multiple data selection types and is a good alternative to Kimono Labs and Import.io.