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Dedicated Development Team For Enterprise

Dedicated Development Team For Enterprise

Friday February 15, 2019,

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Finding experienced workers is always a concern for any company or startup out there. It's no secret that the quality of the final product largely depends on the competence of its developers. But now there's a way to find experts that is quick and requires very little effort on your part. We introduce to you the dedicated development teams.

dedicated development process

Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team model is a form of worker assignment where a middlemen company provides the client with a team of professional developers for their project. It's somewhat similar to the extended team model, but in this case, workers assigned to the project acts as a separate team instead of extending the existing one.

How it works

The DDT system works in three steps, each corresponding to one of the parties involved.

  1. First of all, the client needs an experienced team for their plan or project and addresses a middlemen company. He also determines all the details: the number of employees he needs, the skills they have to possess, and other requirements.
  2. The middleman company finds a team that meets the requirements stated by the client, hires the workers, and establishes a connection between them and their employer.
  3. The team then discusses the detail of the project, the payment, and timing with the client. After an agreement is achieved, the team starts their work on the project.

Note that in the DDT system the client establishes the terms of work and manages the team by himself, with the middleman company playing almost no part in it.

If the client's own development team lacks the skill that managing a particular part of a project requires, the DDT system offers a simple and elegant solution. It guarantees that the work on the project will go on because this way the client can find an experienced team for any sort of issue.

When dealing with a long-term project with no clear timing and scope, with a dedicated team system you can assign experts to different parts of the project and hire new ones when the need arises.

dedicated development team for enterprise

The Advantages of Using the DDT System


Dedicated team system is the fastest worker assignment type when it comes to development speed. Time & Materials system needs everything to be planned out, so any unforeseen events might be devastating, and extended teams require a huge amount of time and work to manage team-to-team communications. DDT system, on the other hand, saves you a lot of time while being just as efficient.


In the DDT system, the middleman company guarantees that your employees are well-suited and focused on their task. You can always be sure that they're competent and will provide new solutions for your project.


It might not seem like it, but another company finding a team of specialists for you is actually cheaper than hiring such specialists yourself. Finding a right man for the project takes time and resources, all of which are better spent on the project itself. By using a dedicated team system you save your money and time by letting another company do the research and find a team for you.


During the project development, requirements might change. New needs might arise, new problems can be discovered. And here is where another advantage of dedicated teams comes in handy: their adaptability. They can be easily rearranged at any stage of work in accordance to the newly discovered issues.

The Disadvantages of Using the DDT System Management

With DDT system you need to manage a team by yourself. If you're not experienced enough to do it effectively, it's better to choose another kind of worker assignment.Alternatively, you may hire a team manager along with the team from the middleman company.

Short-Term Projects

While being a great choice for long-term projects, the DDT system isn't that well suited for short-term ones. Without much time to work together, a dedicated team won't be more efficient than a group of random workers.

Advice on Running a Dedicated Team

Go for Motivated People

It's always easier to work with those who are ready to put their time and energy into your project. Experience and skill requirements come first, of course, but keep your eyes open for those workers who share your ideas and are motivated by your project as much as you are.

Prepare Workplaces

It's your responsibility to provide the dedicated team with everything they need for their work, so it's better to think about that ahead. To work efficiently, a team requires proper workplaces, resources, and information.

Dedicated Developer Teams: Are They Really Worth It?

Useful in the most situations, the dedicated team model is a great way of hiring expert workers for your project.

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