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Delivering Customer Service: 5 Tips How to Make the Waiting Experience Enjoyable

Sometimes, you have to make your customers wait and there's nothing wrong with it. However, this shouldn’t be a super dull occupation for them. Let’s find out how to make the waiting time enjoyable

Delivering Customer Service: 5 Tips How to Make the Waiting Experience Enjoyable

Tuesday November 13, 2018,

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Sometimes, service delays cannot be avoided. Despite the fact that delays are common for most tertiary activities and business spheres, customers are not very enthusiastic about waiting longer than they expected. They might become angry or simply go away. However, there are simple ways to prevent such situations and prove your clients that your service is good enough to wait for a while. In addition to that, you can even make the waiting time amusing.

We believe that waiting customers need enjoyable distractions. You can be as creative as possible here, but if you want to learn some tested ideas, read this article and find out how to deliver the greatest customer service possible.

First of all, good customer service is a matter of common sense

Before we start outlining the best strategies to keep your clients amused during the waiting time, let’s take a closer look at the problem itself. The most crucial (yet ignored) point about delivering customer service is adhering to common sense.

The best service starts with an absolutely basic staff that makes a really good impression on every customer:

Manners matter. Treat your clients the way they want to be treated. This begins with such primary things as politeness and friendliness. Therefore, waiting time should never exceed reasonable limits.

Value every customer and find an obvious way to show it. Whether you are running a corporation or a small start-up, you have to be grateful to your clients. People need to be sure that they are valued and appreciated to trust you. When it comes to waiting, make sure to demonstrate that you appreciate customers’ patience.

Be generous in all aspects of your service, be it a return policy, empathy, patience, smiles – anything. Think how to deliver the best customer experience instead of trying to take them out of complaints.

And now let’s focus on the situations when your clients have to wait and ways to make this experience as positive and entertaining as possible.

Tips on how to amuse your clients during the waiting time

Organize free workspace

Why should your clients consider the waiting time wasted? Give them an opportunity to spend it advantageously. Believe us, there are busy customers who would prefer to write a business email instead of watching TV in a waiting room.

Organize workplaces where your customers can put their laptops and continue working. A small desk, electrical outlets, open wi-fi and charging devices will be enough.

Make the interior pleasant

If you don’t want your clients to lose their temper while waiting, make sure to invite them to a pleasant surrounding. First, think about the colors – choose warm and calm ones. This will not only lighten the room but also make a positive impact on your clients’ mood. Also, take care of plants and natural light.

Second, don’t forget that the furniture should be stylish as well as comfortable. Set chairs for clients and make sure to leave enough space between them (to ensure that customers’ personal space is not interrupted). A water station and a bowl of candies or apples are absolutely necessary elements of the waiting room.

Provide your customers with something to read

Company brochures are fine, but fewer than all of your customers are willing to read them for a long time. Danielle Kiulminster, a brand marketing expert from Masterra, underlines: “Make sure to display some magazines and journals. Don’t forget that your clients have different tastes and interests, so take care to provide all of them with something to read. For example, include magazines for women and men, as well as those publications that cover politics, fashion, health and other spheres. Time passes faster when your clients have something to direct their attention to.”

Some fun won’t hurt

It’s a good idea to prepare the waiting room for customers who may come with their children. Remember, that if the little one won’t find something to play with, your office will turn into chaos very soon. Make sure to furnish a children corner with toys and coloring books.

As for some interesting features for the adults, you may bring a photo booth to entertain them (and make your waiting room look retro). The other ever-green idea is an aquarium – both children and adults like them.

Offer treating

Waiting time feels much better with a cup of hot tea and a cookie in hand. So, provide your clients with some snacks to make a good impression. You don’t need to include something expensive or over-the-top – tea, coffee and juice accompanied by fruits, nuts, and some biscuits will be enough.

And the last one – most customers will feel less frustrated if you apologize for the waiting time. So make sure to provide them with all possible modes to skip the waiting as positively as possible and don’t forget about warmth and emotional commitment!

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