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How me and my team conducted biggest ever Hultprize challenge in Chhattisgarh by Sachet Sabarad

My team and I were responsible for organizing the biggest ever competition in Chhattisgarh. In collaboration with the United Nations “Hult Prize” is a benchmark startup challenge in social entrepreneurship. Here, I was successfully able to outreach 1500+ eligible students.

How me and my team conducted biggest ever Hultprize challenge in Chhattisgarh by Sachet Sabarad

Thursday April 23, 2020,

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My ambition to outgrow my older self always brings out the best in me.


Hult Prize remains one of the most successful events conducted. The inspiration and primary reason which helped me bring Hultprize in my state and university was my will to prove myself amongst my peers by doing something difficult and challenging.

Hult Prize came to me via a friend from social media. She thought that it could be an excellent opportunity for me and encouraged me for enrollment. I felt that this could be an ideal chance for my fellow mates of the state and university to showcase entrepreneurship skills and ideas.

I didn’t know at that time how big of a challenge it will be for me. There are more than 44 academic institutes affiliated with the university, and I understood to arrange for capital was likely to be complicated. I was working as a Campus Director for the university. I was determined not to let finance be the reason for the failure of the event. The cherry on top was my ongoing college exams.

It is widely known how tough it can be to organize funds for an event. I was confident that I could get it done, be it sponsorships or asking for monetary help from the institutes. One thing I also knew was that I would need more help with the matter. I formed a group of 13 students. In the beginning, everyone was confident and excited. But things took a turn when there seemed no hope for any financial support. It almost seemed impossible for us to go ahead with no money. We were highly demotivated, but “One mustn’t lose hope.” That was the time when I took matters in my hand and took the responsibility of the finance.

Following the battle of day or two, I managed to get a meeting with My Institute Principal and Management HOD. They seemed interested in encouraging youngsters like us and entrusted my team with the capital. It was time to put words into action.

Hultprize on-campus

Hult prize was a new concept for our state. It was the first time for our university to conduct something like this. It was thrilling. The recruitment procedure was simple and easy. A few interviews were taken. There were 13 core members and 10 campus ambassadors. As a man of passion and effort, I knew that sometimes interests are more than enough to pursue something. Amongst the 13 core members, 6 were selected solely on their investment and will to achieve something big out of it. After all, everyone has the right to showcase their talent. I was seeing the intention of my team members encouraged me. The journey had already begun.

We were youngsters with an idea and lots of energy. After impromptu meetings and planning for about a week, we decided that the best will be to approach small masses of people, one at a time. Classroom promotions were done. We reached about 700 people from different institutes. We sat with them, discussed the merits of participation and the idea behind Hult Prize.

Special Thanks To Team:-

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Shubham Agrawal

Harsha Dubey

T Saisha

Darshita Mhaski

Agney Deshkar

Shubhranshu Chakraborty

Nitesh Bharti

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Arpit Sahu

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