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Developing an E-commerce store with Magento Development Company? Keep these 8 things in mind

Developing an E-commerce store with Magento Development Company? Keep these 8 things in mind

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

4 min Read

Maintaining an online store can be quite challenging. In fact, the design and development of such e-store are very complex. Thanks to Magento that it has eased out the process of developing the e-stores along with providing the business persons with amazing features to attract and retain the customers. That being said, you simply cannot go wrong while dealing with a Magento Development Company in India in adopting the various features of Magento.

Your blooming e-store should be enticing and at the same time, it should be convenient for your users so that you taste the online success soon. Yes, you need a robust strategy and need the help of a good Magento development company. Thus, we are here with certain tips that will help you adopt the amazing Magento functionalities to your website.

1. The Site Structure and Navigation

The competition in the online business is escalating. An online shopper, the site should go smoothly within seconds. If the site takes more than the required time to process the customer’s query, the customer will immediately switch to some other store. Thus, it is important to have a good site structure and smooth navigation. When your site is easily navigable, customers are going to stick to your store for long.

2. A dedicated server

Users love surfing on the website that runs at a blazing speed. Most of the e-commerce stores are using cloud hosting over the shared hosting because the former is much easier to manage with an improved performance of the website. We advise our customers to use cloud hosting or a dedicated server for the e-commerce store to enjoy an impressive performance of the website. The latest version of Magento is already offering awesome features and functionalities with a cloud edition to yield maximized results.

3. User-friendly shopping cart

While developing an online store, the developer should not forget that the customer needs a user-friendly shopping cart. It is good if they can see their shopping cart while they are already looking out for other items in the store. When the shopping cart is easily manageable, it attracts the customers and it provides great flexibility to the customers to add and remove items.

4. Strong Security

It goes without saying that your e-commerce store should be highly secured. Especially, when it comes to the checkout. Today, the e-commerce stores urge the customers to save their debit/credit card details so that the next time they make a purchase, the transaction is done within seconds. It is important to keep the pages encrypted so that no third party can enter the transaction pages without permission.

5. Easy currency switch

Running an online store means attracting a wide base of customers from around the world. Your store should facilitate all the currencies transactions and it should be easier for the customer to switch the currency mode as per his or her convenience.

6. Easy sign-up process

Any customer would be able to make a purchase from your e-store only when he signs himself or herself up with the website. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep the sign-up process easy. If you ask your customer to fill out long forms, they are likely to shift to your competitor’s website.

7. Simplifying search process

Most of the businesses today are inclined towards Magento because it provides them with a unique search feature on the e-store that works similar to the google search. The customers are already familiar with Google, and this additional plugin in the e-store makes them happy.

8. Multiple methods of Payment

Last but not least, the customers should get multiple payment methods. For example, payment via cash, cards, e-wallet, and any other payment mode. Your website should support all these payment methods and the check out process must be extremely simple.

Hiring a Magento development company in India will turn out to be a blessing if you keep the above tips in mind. These insights are going to help you have a great time with your customers.