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Explore the beauty of Bangkok’s shopping extravaganza

From royal architectural grandeur to overwhelmingly beautiful flamboyant, Bangkok is an exemplary amalgamation of spirituality and dynamic nightlife.

Explore the beauty of Bangkok’s shopping extravaganza

Thursday June 22, 2017,

6 min Read

From royal architectural grandeur to overwhelmingly beautiful flamboyant, Bangkok is an exemplary amalgamation of spirituality and dynamic nightlife. Buddhist styled architectural building and gold- stone statues magnifies the beauty of this city in real sense. The spell-binding intriguing charm grabs every tourist attention and amuses them to the core.

Bangkok is such a place adorned with natural beauty and cultural heritage that makes the city immaterially appealing. There are so many places to see in Bangkok where one can still behold the illustrious past that once Bangkok has witnessed along with the grandeur and glory blessed by the modern times. From colourful markets to divine temples, Bangkok tells its intriguing story in its own unique way.

More Importantly, Bangkok is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise. As soon as you land in Bangkok, and wonder where to go in Bangkok for having an ultimate Bangkok’s grandeur experience while shopping till you drop, you must head towards one of the huge, chaotic and confusing market, bathed with tempting scents and fascinating colours, Chatuchak Market. A microcosm of Bangkok in itself, this weekend gargantuan market is full with diverse, humorous, and colourful shops and merchandise and delicious, pungent delicacies and foods with a large variety which ends all the conventional markets.

Spanning over an impressive 35 acres of area, Chatuchak Market is one of the world’s largest weekend market attracting thousands of tourist to experience the exordium of overall Bangkok. More than 8000 stalls perfectly resting in the narrow tiny lanes where approximately 200,000 shoppers, browsers and buskers traditionally come to place this market on each Saturday and Sunday to buy and sell some seasonal stuffs. When it comes to shop till you drop, Chatchak market tops among them all.

One of the popular wholesalers and traders market in Bangkok, this market is a landmark of vibrant and diverse collection of merchandise. Shoppers and traders around the place once in a lifetime come to this place to buy some traditional products and stuffs hugely available in the market. This market is surely the place which brings all the shopaholics to their knees and also drive them crazy with the vibrant and colourful shopping stuffs available throughout the year. Tourist from all over the world undoubtedly come to this place on their trip to Bangkok.

The Chatuchak Market is so diverse in nature that you will get everything that you are looking for inside the premises of the market. This vast, colourful, vibrant market offers everything starting from customized motorcycle helmets to a shark’s-tooth amulet, or something else entirely, you are almost certain to find it with a huge range of colours, sizes and prices. One might ever wonder that how might this grand market look during the week as Chatuchak leave no traces of its two days activities during the week and it goes vanished completely and appear only on weekends.

Rules for Enjoying Your Shopping Experience

Chatuchak Market is such a place which demands unplanned shopping. There are almost very few people who knows exactly which stall to visit and what they want. But most of the shoppers and tourists get surprised and hypnotized by the maze of stalls. The vibrant and vast nature of this market will lure you to carry few more extra shopping items that you wanted.

If you are a first timer, then it is advisable to pick a starting point and follow you instincts to explore the market with some exciting findings. Other than that, this market is best place to give your house a different traditional and unique look.

If you are planning to visit Chatuchak Market in you first trip to Bangalore, there are three simple and beneficial rules that every shopping lovers and traders should keep in mind.

Know what you want, and where you are going

First and the foremost thing, decide your path, know where are heading. Because wandering here and there will eat up your half fun. Chatuchak Market is beautifully divided into 27 colour coded section, where dedicated shoppers await to hit their target.

Here, in, we offer you the ultimate guidelines to encounter the grandeur of this magnificent market to the fullest…

Shopaholics and traders who are looking for clothing counters should head towards the sections 5 and 6 and then sections 10 to 24.

On the other side, those interested in decorating and changing their home in Eames-inspired furniture or hand printed bedspreads, should head towards the sections 2 to 4.

To buy antiques and traditional stuffs, 22 to 26 are best corners to visit.

For rhinestone collar, baby chipmunks, topical fish and songbirds galore, one should check sections 8 or 9. In sections 3 and 4, tropical plants run their riots.

Love It, Buy It

While roaming around the market premises, if you find something that is as valuable and important as your other stuffs, buy that thing instantly, do not wait until you pop back later. Being a maze like market, there are hardly any chance that you will cross that street again owing to but that stuff. Many try to attempt to retrace their steps through the labyrinthine lanes but that perfect little stuff would go vanished that you can never see it again. Though a map can take you to that very exact location but why wasting time in looking for a thing that is already disappeared into the market air. On the contrary, it is better to relish into the mouth-watering plate of pad Thai noodles.

Learn the art of bargaining

In Chatuchak Market, it is very much crucial to embrace the technique to bargain with the sellers with the most cheerful, smiling and light hearted mood. The gentle and tender back and forth of price negotiation will create an exemplary element to cherish it forever. Carry plenty of cash, not to miss your desired stuffs because of money as everything that you can imagine is sold here.

More importantly, this market is best experience, if you reach there early in the morning because as the time passes the heat inside the market rises making it uncomfortable to shop more.

Do Not Miss the Best Food

You are in Chatuchak and do not try the bewildering collections of dining and drinking options, it is hardly impossible. There are ample number of food stalls and eating joints where one can try out the traditional Thai food and delicacies. The fresh and delicious street food of this market is nothing but an addition to you overall memorable experience.

Similar to this Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market, there is one in Chiang Mai, the Night Bazaar which is One of the most visited touristy destination and favourite shopping spot for among all, and a worth sight to visit at night rather than rolling around your bed. Among the most visited touristy destinations near Chiang Mai, the Night Market is a desired place amongst thousands of tourists around the world. This night market will undoubtedly be a treat to eyes. Colourful streets with bright lights and a range of exotic range vibrant merchandise will surely make your night worth remembering. Shopaholics all around the place will going to love this place because of the brilliant stuffs available there to buy.

From clothes and scarves to carvings and housewares, one must prepare for some haggling.