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Gold coin

Gold coin

Friday February 10, 2017,

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                            GOLD COINS

Gold coins normally we describe as a round medallion which is used for saving and gifting purposes.Buying gold coins is a good investment.

The coins are also available in rectangular, oval or in another shapes. Gold itself is a precious metal and in coin it is available in bulk. It is known as bullion and traded in a market. Coins have changed in shapes and designs as the history days passes. But the mass was always the same .Coins have valued by the density, mass and cast ingots or mintedcoins .

Coins have provided the evidence of art and economy and also the wisdom and understanding history.

Some of the points which are important to observe while buying the gold coins are:

1. Purity- Coins are sold for investment they are 22Kt or 24Kt.

2. Weight-Gold coins can be produced from 0.5gm to 100gm. Popular weights are 10gm or less .There are 1gm, 2gm, 4gm and 8gm gold coins also.

3. Designs-Gold coins comes in many designs Lakshmi gold coins, Ganesha gold coins etc.

Few coins have specific depictions . We can see gold coins in  https://www.thangamayil.com/gold-coins/gold-coins-1-8-grams.html, caratlane etc.

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