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Top 15 Web Development Companies in India & USA for Startups & SME's | 2020

Top 15 Web Development Companies in India & USA for Startups & SME's | 2020

Wednesday December 25, 2019,

10 min Read

Web Development Companies in India & USA | 2020

Searching for a top web development company for your software application/project can be a tedious task when there are many options already available to choose from. If you are a business owner or someone who owns an organization, it becomes a necessity to hire a renowned web development company for your website. Your website is an identity of your brand and it speaks about your business. So, you cannot take a risk of hiring just anyone for your website.

When you are looking for a top web development company, there are some specific points that you need to keep in mind so that you are able to hire one of the best organizations. What if, you are not able to find the right company? Do not worry. With about 14+ years of experience as a business consultant, I have helped many of my customers who run a business, own startups, etc. in finding the best web development companies that will fulfil their needs and requirements. Here I have mentioned top web app development agencies for startups, small businesses, ISVs and SMEs based on various platforms.

If you also need to get some help in finding the top web development company in India or US, then stay on this page.

Generally, a company gets its popularity from its clients and employees. So, here I have mentioned a list of top web app development companies in India and USA, based on some specific parameters like:

= Goodfirms, Glassdoor and Clutch ratings of the firm

= Organic ranking by Google

= Client reviews

= The popularity of the organization

= Ratings provided by the employees and clients

= Number and type of applications that they have developed

Have a look on list of top web app development companies in India & USA 2020:

Let’s now dive a little deeper into the technical know-how of these top web development companies and their work process in delivering the end-to-end and custom software services:

Rank 1: Xicom: (The leading web development company based in India)


Pricing- $25-50/Hr

Location- India

Employees- 300+

Founded- 2002

If you are looking for a top web development company in India, this Xicom is one of the best options to look for. The company is known for providing quality solutions at an affordable cost and at the right time.

As a creative digital agency, this organization has earned several accolades & grown immensely in the last few years post the success of its marketplace applications resolutely created for entrepreneurs who need to launch a new business based on digital commerce & seek affordable system for that. The list includes readymade portals for various industries (customizable according to the business needs).

This company has in its showcase the most renowned names as client base. Moreover, they also provide development services to medium and small scale enterprises, startups and ISVs at highly affordable prices.

Services Offered: PHP Web Development, .NET Web Development, JavaScript Web Development, AngularJs Development, Custom Software Development, etc.

Rank 2: Techcentrica: (One of the best web development companies India)


Pricing: $55-60 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 200+

Founded: 2004

Techcentrica is one of the reputed web app development companies in India that is focussed on only one thing: offshore software development solutions. With more than 15 years in business & more than 450 web app developers and designers. They have worked for new companies, software product development companies, digital agencies & other businesses to help simplify the IT outsourcing experience & decrease the costs / time to the market.

Services Offered: PHP Web Development, .NET Web Development, Java Web Development, AngularJs Development, Xamarin Development, etc.

Rank 3: Fingent Solutions: (A top web development company in US)


Pricing: $60 per hour

Location: USA

Employees: 500+

Founded: 2003

This is the top web development company in the USA, known for providing effective and viable solutions for various sizes of companies. With their huge involvement in the field of web development, Fingent Solutions proves to be a perfect decision for the software product development & maintenance.

This company is believed to be one of the best IT counseling firms & makes passionate interfaces with the global clients by giving first class and high caliber solutions. The company comprises of highly qualified and experienced group of professionals who work exclusively to make quality and easy to understand web applications.

Services Offered: Microsoft, SAP, iOS, Android web development, etc.

Rank 4: Syberry Corporation: (A top web development company in India)

Syberry Corporation

Pricing: $70 per hour

Location: USA

Employees: 500+

Founded: 2011

This is an organization which is focused on providing the top solutions with high excellence and magnificence. The services offered by this organization are enterprise-focussed and versatile. This company is known to provide agile solutions to satisfy customer business requirements and prerequisites.

They deliver the advanced and best web applications that are quite certain to give you the never experienced and all-new experiences. With almost 250+ employees working in the company and the delivery of the activities on schedule, is something that makes this agency stand where it is today.

Services Offered: SAAS applications, Blockchain applications, Big Data Solutions

Rank5 Kohactive: (A reputed USA based web development firm)


Pricing: $55 per hour

Location: USA

Employees: 50+

Founded: 2008

This is one of the popular web development organization USA that has various customers internationally. The company makes passionate connection with each one of their customers and their work, and at last invigorates end-clients with helpful and expert web applications.

They have delivered many successful applications to all their global customers. Kohactive provides some really good web application development solutions to the companies. They follow a consultative-driven approach for giving an end to end expertise in providing top of the world web solutions.

Services Offered: Xamarin Web Development, PHPdevelopment, .NET Development

Rank 6: RadixWeb: (A renowned web app development services India)


Pricing: $70-75 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 500+

Founded: 2000

This is an award winning, top web development organization that provides world class solutions. It has effectively gained the attention of many popular brands.

Their team works hard to fulfil their customer's necessities and provide a simplified and spotless design. They have over 15 years of involvement in giving customers the web development benefits far and wide. Their fundamental objective is to provide their customers with the best of the services so that their audience like it. Hence, they stand in the list of top web development companies in India.

Services Offered: ReactJs Development, AngularJs Development

Rank 7: QBurst: (A leading web development service in India)


Pricing: $50-60 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 500+

Founded: 2004

It is a leading web development company based in Australia, US, and India. They have been providing new companies awesome services over these many years. Their team of advanced experts is highly experienced and is devoted to building magnificent web applications for any organization.

Services Offered: Blockchain Solutions, CLoud Solutions, DevOps Solutions

Rank 8: Techtic Solutions INC: (One of the top web development company in India)


Pricing: $60 per hour

Location: US

Employees: 200+

Founded: 2009

This company is one of the best web development companies in US. They are known to have gained great technical knowledge for various applications. Their expert team of developers and designers help you present your business to the clients in an efficient and amazing way that provide high ROI and generate greater revenue.

Services Offered: Laravel Development, ReactJs Development, Magento Development, IOT Development

Rank 9: Bluepin Technologies: (A trusted web development partner for many agencies)


Pricing: $80 per hour

Location: US

Employees: 500+

Founded: 2008

This US based organization is known for providing start to end web applications around the world. They create, plan & design custom web solutions with an international team eminent for giving high value through forward thinking and technology innovation.

Its 15-year ability in its solutions has made it a trusted web partner for startups and huge scales ventures. They make use of pre-made modules for its web application development solutions, which include the execution of the most recent & in-pattern technologies.

Services Offered: AI & Machine Learning applications, React applications, etc.

Rank 10: Focaloid Technologies: (A US based web development company)


Pricing: $100 per hour

Location: Bangalore, India

Employees: 200+

Founded: 2012

Focaloid is among first class organizations based in the USA that provide proficient and quick custom web application solutions. Having a total group of more than 1400 employees including software developers, designers and writers, the organization is developing with a great speed.

Services Offered: Cloud solutions, Angular applications, etc

Rank 11: Zco Corporation: (hire best web app developers in USA)


Pricing: $100 per hour

Location: USA

Employees: 50+

Founded: 1989

This company offers top web development solutions for Fortune 500 and global companies. This agency basically works with an objective of helping enterprises gear up for the adoption of new technologies.

It has some of the key clients of Intellectsoft are Harley-Davidson, Eurostar and Guinness.

Services Offered: Hybrid app solutions, AR applications, etc

Rank 12: Appinventiv Technologies: (one of the top website development company in India)


Pricing: $60 per hour

Location: Noida, India

Employees: 50+

Founded: 2015

This organization is serving its customers from over 5+ years. The organization has accomplished a famous position globally. What's more, the main explanation for this achievement is the best method for offering planned and web development solutions for its global customers.

Not only web development, but Appinventiv also takes up mobile application development, open source advancement and cloud framework execution. In addition, the organization has always been known for worldwide customer base.

Services Offered: React Native Development, Swift, Flutter applications

Rank 13: Octal IT Solution: One of the reputed website development company in India


Pricing: $80 per hour

Location: USA

Employees: 200+

Founded: 2000

The U.S.A organization with skilled and capable developers deliver choice versatile and web applications all around. Octal IT is one of the quickest developing & fast growing web organizations with global tasks.

The company provides cost-effective and interesting web applications. Additionally, they are known for website designing India too. They have great knowledge in Agile advancement & focus on the innovation to provide best web applications to their global customers. Their applications get a worldwide acknowledgment.

Services Offered: Cloud development, Angular development, etc

Rank 14: AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited: (A leading website app development company India)


Pricing: $50 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 50+

Founded: 2010

This is one of the best website development companies in India to hire web app developers. An agency known to deliver the best solutions with the help of experienced developers. AppSquadz is an amazing blend of innovation & human cognizance which is emancipated from the traditional approach of idea transformations.

Services Offered: React Native Development, Swift, Flutter applications

Rank 15: Codiant Software Technologies: (The best website development company in India)


Pricing: $100 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 200+

Founded: 2000

It is one of the reputed software & web development companies based in India. They have an excellent team of 400+ experienced and skilled web designers and IT experts. It covers a huge variety of solutions and sectors with its skill sets. They have experienced team of developers who knows every package & technology inside-out.

Services Offered: Full Stack Development, PHP Development

Let’s Wrap Up:

This is the compilation list of the 15 top web application development companies in India & US. These companies are determined on some of the specific factors such as the reputation by the employees and the clients on GoodFirms, Clutch and Google. These web companies are best for all types of SMEs as well as startups.

This write-up will surely help you in choosing the best web development company according to your requirements and needs. All of the organizations which are mentioned in the article provide the development of web applications in a particular budget. So, make your choice wisely and make the best from your first launched web application in the industry and market.