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[Digital Alert:] This Indian Digital Marketing Company Is Embarking The Evolution In The Industry

The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Aman Shams, Founder & CEO, SKIMBOX talks about his eventful entrepreneurial journey and industrial change during lockdown.

[Digital Alert:] This Indian Digital Marketing Company Is Embarking The Evolution In The Industry

Thursday July 16, 2020,

8 min Read

The year 2020 has experienced an immense boost in the digitization of businesses, owing to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The digital revolution continues to be in its prime and grows each day. 

In these tough times, we can find our businesses, whether big or small, adapting to carrying out marketing and operations by going all-digital. The cherry on the cake being, Indians are currently basking in the success of the 'Digital India' initiative promoted by the government to facilitate the internet across different parts of the country.

In this advent, the initiative has accelerated the homogenization of various businesses, industries, and communities to foster a digital ecosystem. The availability of helpful digital tools and services in abundance has backed the rise of digital entrepreneurship. One such celebrated entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who has cataloged exponential growth in the last few years is Aman Shams, Founder of SKIMBOX Digital Marketing & Development Company based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka.

SKIMBOX - Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore

SKIMBOX Team Under The Leadership Of Aman Shams (Third from Right)

The SKIMBOX Digital Marketing Arena

As a tried and trusted digital solution provider, SKIMBOX has been a blessing in disguise for startups and businesses across the globe. A solution provider, the company, assists its clients to develop their websites and apps via their expertise to scale their business in the market. It caters to services from app development and web development to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Projects to SEO and marketing to social media marketing and AR & VR Data Analytics. More such also include human resources, video production, advertising, hosting, education, startup support, graphic designing, and lead generation.  

The Journey From Being An Intelligent Teen To A Successful CEO

As the CEO of Skimbox, Aman's passion for digital marketing became his point of focus while he was a child. To top it off, he was born a technology lover and began winging his dreams during his early teens. He ventured out in 2015. His ambitions and an entrepreneurial mindset won over his peak decision to enter IIT for further studies.

"The mere thought to build an empire like Cognizant, Accenture, or TCS motivated me to the core," says the CEO of SKIMBOX. 

What's surprising to note here is that Aman wasn't a newbie in the field. At the age of 14, he began selling VPN's, creating websites, marketing videos, graphic designs, and selling them over websites like fiverr, freelancer, upwork and various forums. Later, he took up SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, and related marketing activities.

Germination Of SKIMBOX

Since its inception in late 2016, SKIMBOX has scaled gigantic heights. The idea behind SKIMBOX emerged during a critical period when the market lacked appropriate exposure to the golden digital marketing strategies. 

"We observed a massive shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing, and as a result, an increasing demand for digital marketers. SKIMBOX eventually placed itself comfortably in this niche," elaborates Aman.

Under his able leadership, the agency has assisted numerous businesses and brands to shine out in today's digital era. The reason backing my statement can get validated by the existing SKIMBOX team of creative and driven minds who make everything happen. "From always being ready to accept challenges that are not bound by any rules to creating, imagining, and exploring new ideas, the team has always stood tall," exclaims the proud CEO. "Teamwork is the buzzword, where we emphasize collaboration rather than control. There is a canopy of a positive environment in the workplace, with the management being super friendly. "

A Step Beyond Digital Marketing As An Innovative Digital Solution Provider

As a 360- degree digital marketing agency, SKIMBOX recently carried out an influential marketing campaign for the global tech giant Samsung's Experience Center - Opera House on Brigade Road, Bengaluru. "The strategy was a huge success. Samsung's ad video on Instagram got over 250,000 views a day. We exceeded the expectations," elaborates Aman.

The brilliant team helps businesses take the first step to a new direction. Their sole aim is to build a business with multiple profit-making units within one giant umbrella. The ever-enthusiastic Mr. Shams comprehends, "Be it on a shoestring budget or low production value – we help you market on the web like a pro. Our 360 marketing strategy involves extensive research and innovation with best practices and a pinch of bravery." 

The brilliant team that captures the attention of the audience by crafting a unique brand story earns engagement with their storytelling secrets, tips, and tricks. The company has also worked with companies like the AVG, Xender app and Shell Company among the others in the past.

Revolutionizing The Growing SME And Startup Market

The USP of Skimbox stands as "We Go Above & Beyond Every Single Time." It's not just about seeking their expertise but their extraordinary enticing customer interactions. When asked about the same, Aman nodded in agreement, "Skimbox's seasoned consultants will help you sharpen your ideas and execution with a wealth of new tools and strategies."

In the current scenario, SMEs have a lot to gain by embracing new technologies with practical tools that are affordable and effective. Stating an example, the CEO elaborated, "If a company wants to set up a whole new app development wing, we'll do it from scratch to help them achieve the end product.

The Boosting Digital Presence Of Brands During COVID-19 Lockdown

The cultural and behavioral shifts created by COVID-19 helped SKIMBOX embrace the situation aggressively. A variety of brands across various verticals strengthened their existing online presence. In this advent, the company aimed to use technology and augment businesses. Further, they developed a model that can transition offline activity into digital.

"We have noticed the shift in many businesses upon which they strive to introduce new experiences that restrict contact with greater virtualization. During the lockdown, we experienced an incredible hike of internet users. Many companies adopted 'work from home' culture and continue to perform their tasks online," observes Aman. "The sudden paradigm shift has boosted our online business, too. We, at SKIMBOX, are helping our clients to get their brand & product to the peak." 

The COVID-19 Digital Transformation Of Client Brands

SKIMBOX has associated itself with client brands across varied industry verticals like fashion, technology, investment, mobile applications, Antivirus protection, HR, startups, etc. 

Creation of artistic masterpieces for transferring apps, digital marketing strategies, and global demographics can get listed among other tasks on the list for SKIMBOX.

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a significant impact on these industrial segments, especially the technology industry.

"The destruction in the in-office work has caused an acceleration of remote working and giant focus on evaluating the end-to-end value chain. The majority of sectors have given the utmost priority to public health and made significant contributions to employee working styles," confirms Aman.

As a digital agency, Skimbox experts have trained its client teams in real-time scenarios and utilized their secret strategies to help them acquire customers from multiple funnels. "Our focus revolved around getting our clients to love their customers back and then initiate repeat orders for their products and services. Our creative team can close and gain profits every quarter building in a partnership with the clients. And, that's how it results in a value-added collaboration that helps you take home greener," concludes Shams.

Why SKIMBOX? Why Not Another Digital Marketing Firm?

SKIMBOX Team - Best Digital Solution Providers

SKIMBOX Team - Best Digital Solution Providers

The hard-to-find expertise, in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, and qualitative work - all place SKIMBOX as the best choice to associate with moving forward. "We firmly believe one should partner with us for we thrive on ideas and are mavens of web & app development, marketing, and growth," claims Aman. "We fill the gaps in their research, strategy, and funnel it with consulting expertise." 

If you are a brand that is about to get launched, getting in touch with SKIMBOX will be a smart step. With clear and crisp messaging and their ability to crack the code and narrate your story in the right way sets them apart from the rest. With ten years of considerable and profitable experience, 350+ satisfied customers, and 27 ongoing projects, SKIMBOX is one of the rulers in the digital industry.

Moving Forward In The Post-Pandemic Reality

During these tough times, the agency has ensured to hook their customers with comforting brand videos. Simple since the digital and not-so-digital audience loves interactive videos. Moving ahead, one can expect to see new marketing trends rising and becoming crucial to the brands' success. SKIMBOX plans to enable its clients to tackle the business problems smartly and stay alert. 

Elaborating on the strategies, Aman explains, "Moving forward; we will focus more on branding, development, and marketing advanced technologies."

"For us, research is everything, and it is all about getting our hands dirty to avoid wastage of resources later. We grab eyeballs by crafting our own unique brand story and earn the engagement with our storytelling secrets, tips, and tricks."

Honestly, I haven't met such self-driven individuals who make for a great team under the able leadership of their CEO, Aman Shams. My best wishes to SKIMBOX, who guarantees your brand the top spot in just 120 days. For every brand eyeing that spot, they know how to drive above the clutter and add personal experiences to bring out breakthrough results.

Interestingly, SKIMBOX has become the first digital company in India to provide free digital consultancy to anyone. It doesn't matter whether you're a start-up, enterprise, YouTuber, influencer, or a blogger.